'Sister Wives': Mariah Brown Takes Her Mom to a Gay Bar for the First Time

Sister Wives daughter Mariah Brown is helping her mom Meri branch out!

In Sunday's episode of the TLC show, the mother-daughter pair, joined by Mariah's girlfriend Audrey Kriss, decided to visit a Seattle gay bar together, more than a year after the 22-year-old came out to her polygamous Mormon family.

"I've always wanted to share special experiences with my daughter, and for the first time going to a gay bar, I guess this is our experience," Meri said in her confessional about visiting the Unicorn Bar while on her trip to the Pacific Northwest. "I've never seen anything like this bar before, it is so interesting."

"It is a little bit awkward, I feel out of my element," she added. "I feel too old to be here because, really, how many daughters drag their mom to the bar with them? Yeah, I feel like I'm too old to be here."

But the trio end up having a great time together!

In November 2016, Mariah came out as gay to her biological mother Meri as well as her father, Kody Brown, and her mothers through polygamy, Janelle, Christine and Robyn.

"When Mariah first told us she was gay, I felt like a failure as a mom for not seeing it. And then I felt like a failure as a mom and as a person, as a human for struggling with it," Meri recalled on the show of the moment Mariah broke the news to them that she is a lesbian.

But after having time to process her feelings, Meri said she couldn't be happier for her daughter.

"What I've seen in Mariah over this past year or so since she came out to us is peace and calm, like I didn't see in her quite a few years prior to that. And that's what I want for her," Meri revealed.

And looking back, she would have a little bit of advice for herself.

"If I were to say anything to myself a year ago, I would tell me it's not about me. It's about her. I had a vision of what I thought her life was supposed to be, it's not my life to decide how her life is going to be," Meri said.

In February 2017, after fans watched her come out to her family on the TLC show, Mariah made her relationship with Kriss official on social media, and earlier this month, fans of the show watched Mariah introduce her girlfriend to her family for the first time.

The Browns are align themselves closely with fundamental Mormonism, which is not accepting of homosexuality, but the family told HuffPost Live in 2013 that everyone should be able "structure" their family "in any way they want," regardless of their seuxality.


Sister Wives airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.