'Sister Wives' Star Christine Brown Blasted for Saying Some Animal Species Should Have Drowned, Been Excluded From Noah's Ark

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is facing criticism following comments she made about what animals made it onto Noah's Ark. In a post shared to her Facebook account Saturday, Brown shared out her thoughts on the Biblical story — a Genesis flood narrative in which God spares Noah and family, who board an ark with two animals of each species. According to Brown, however, some of those animals never have should have received a ticket. In the post, she wrote, "Let's be honest, I trust God but I think some animals should have been left behind" and asked her friends to "post photos of animals you think should have drowned!"

According to The Sun, the outlet which first reported on the post, not everyone was on board with Brown's viewpoint. Replying, one person said, "there's not one animal I would have left behind." A second person blasted Brown's post by writing, "every creature has a purpose, I couldn't drown any living thing."

The backlash went further than just Facebook, however, soon making its way to Reddit, where one person said that Brown's post was "so weird" and had "a sadistic feel to it like she wants to watch animals drown." Many seemed to agree, with somebody else stating that Brown "is losing it" while another chimed in that "the word drown just felt super harsh to me... like [what the f—]?"

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The ordeal marks just the latest example of Brown treading controversy and comes just days after she issued an apology for using the Black Lives Matter movement to promote the LuLaRoe clothing brand. Sharing a photo of herself wearing a shirt reading "perfectly imperfect," she wrote that "our world is crazy right now" and said that "This year has been SO HARD so far!" Reflecting on "fires to looting to killing to shaming," she said that the phrase "'perfectly imperfect' fits for all of us though…no matter how we stand politically or socially." She ended her post by writing that she wished "this was a world where we could all have honor and trust and hey, a lot more love would be awesome too!"


It didn't take long for the backlash to start rolling in, many slamming Brown as "tone deaf" and claiming she was making light of the Black Lives Matter movement and the ongoing protests in response to the police killing of George Floyd. In response, Brown disabled comments on her posts and alter returned to Instagram with an apology, writing, "Working out is hard. Saying sorry is hard. Admitting you were wrong is hard. Saying [Black Lives Matter] isn't hard!! Let's say it and LIVE IT! BLACK LIVES MATTER!!"