'Sister Wives': Could Kody Brown Be Eyeing Another Move Already?

There are plenty of question marks hanging over the next season of Sister Wives when it eventually arrives on TLC. At the end of last season, the family was making a move to Flagstaff, Arizona, and closed out the episode. But since then, rumors have persisted that the family is facing mounting debt, resistance from their new home, and troubles with Kody Brown's plans for a massive home for all four of his families.

That's why SoapDirt and some fans seem to think that Brown might be looking to make a quick exit. While it is doubtful that the reality star would already be looking for an out from a place he has praised countless times since moving to, he does have an option in North Carolina.

One reason SoapDirt believes the Sister Wives patriarch might lead his flock east is due to the presence of daughter Maddie Brown and her impending birth. Not only is there already a family foothold in the state, but the birth is also an excuse to be there either way, away from the reported closing judgment in Arizona.

Another reason the outlet feels Brown might be interested in a move to North Carolina are his latest tweets pointing out an ongoing push on gun rights and a beer related to "polygamy."

The reality star has taken an interest in the case of "Polygamy Porter," a brew made by a company out of Utah that is facing a ban in North Carolina since polygamy is against the law in that state, leaving officials to decide to ban the beer, too.

For those of you who "tell me" that you stand for [liberty] or [libertarian] or [limited government] values, this is your chance to stop being such crickets," a post retweeted by Brown on Twitter said concerning the ban. "There is NOT REASON for [Unrelated Consenting Adult Polygamy] to STILL be against the law."

Brown also retweeted a story about it in recent weeks, his first posts on his Twitter page in close to a month. His other post concerns a speech about gun rights out of Greensboro, North Carolina during a council meeting. All of this seems to put some sort of interest in the reality star's ballpark.

While the chances of a move are slim, the idea that Brown could take a page from wife Meri Brown and plan some getaways from his family is out there. North Carolina gives him a reason to head out, maybe even with one Sister Wives star by his side -- namely Janelle.

One who wouldn't be going according to SoapDirt is Robyn Brown. She made it clear on the show that moving to Flagstaff would be her final move and she looked to put in some roots. That said, the site notes that Brown has moved frequently in the past, with Meri Brown informing Robyn that Flagstaff likely wouldn't be it for the clan.


SoapDirt reports that plans for the family's homestead are not going according to plan, with Meri and Robyn already putting their rental spaces on the market. Will we see the family go cross country? Could we see the clan split up and go to different locales, like Meri Brown in Chicago, Robyn in Flagstaff and Kody Brown in North Carolina?

We'll find out when Sister Wives returns in 2020 on TLC.