'Sister Wives': Christine Reacts to Seeing Kody and Meri's 'Loveless Marriage'

Sister Wives' Christine Brown had "no intention" of staying in a "loveless marriage" like the one between ex Kody Brown and Meri Brown. In Sunday's episode of the TLC show, Christine, who announced in November she and Kody had separated, was asked if the dissolving of his romantic relationship with Meri was part of what prompted her to leave the plural marriage.

"My heart breaks when I think about their marriage," Christine answered. "I don't want that and I don't want to be in a loveless marriage. I have no intention [of] living like that. And if that's what my future looks like, I'm not going to live that way." She added that she wouldn't be able to handle Kody removing physical intimacy from their marriage the way he did with Meri, commenting, "I guess she's more fine with it than I am."

During her own tough time with Kody this season, Christine also admitted it was "really hard" to be around him and his other wives – Meri, Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown. "It's really hard to be in a room with everybody and watch him be incredible in other relationships and know that your own is terrible and wonder, 'Well, what am I supposed to do?' What am I supposed to do in a room where I feel I really don't matter?" she explained. "So I would go in there shielded too and worried about, just seeing Kody with his wives. It was really hard."

Meri and Kody also opened up about their marriage Sunday, with the Brown patriarch admitting that the catfishing incident so many years ago woke him up "out of the daze" when it came to the "hardness" in his relationship with Meri. Calling the relationship "a bad match," Kody said he didn't want to have intimacy in a relationship where there was "no real safety" for him. 

"I will be her friend, I will do what I can to protect her," he continued. "I will build a house for her out on Coyote Pass, but I'm never going to feel safe in an intimate place." Meri said she still is emotionally invested in her marriage and hopes that one day Kody will want to be intimate again with her, despite not being physical in more than a decade.


"If he never does, then I'm going to create my own peace and happiness within the family relationships that I do have," she said. "This is my family. Like, I don't understand people who think, 'Well, just because you don't have this relationship with Kody, why don't you just leave?' Because I don't want to." Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.