'Siesta Key' Exclusive Sneak Peek: Chloe Confronts Kelsey Over Her Truce With Juliette

Siesta Key's Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens may have come to a truce following the slap that blew up their relationship, but Chloe Trautman has some questions as to how genuine the former friends are being. In a PopCulture exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday's all-new episode of the MTV show, Juliette and Kelsey both try to keep their distance and the peace at Madisson Hausburg's party, but Chloe won't let the issue go.

When Juliette's boyfriend, Sam, approaches Kelsey and her boyfriend, Max Strong, at Madisson's party, the three keep things civil, with Sam saying he's "glad" Kelsey and Juliette could be "at least in the same vicinity now." Kelsey agrees, saying that after their phone conversation, she feels she and Juliette are "on the same page" with everything and ready to move forward.

On the other side of the party, Juliette tells Madisson and Cara Geswelli about her view on the situation, saying she understood Kelsey "just wants to move on," and that the two could be "cordial in person" without being best friends. Chloe isn't quite buying that, however, pressing Kelsey on the peaceful conclusion of their feud. "I feel like if there's real healing to be done, you guys would have to sit down and have a conversation about everything," she tells Kelsey, who responds, "I've done the absolute most and been the most open and forgiving I could possibly be."

When Chloe says she thinks the two are merely "sweeping it under the rug," Max chimes in, "When people have this much history, don't you think you hit a point where it's better just to sweep it and just move on with your lives? They don't have to be together." Kelsey agrees that things between her and Juliette have been "so toxic" it's better just to move on.

Chloe insists that to show true empathy, Kelsey needs to "really have a heart-to-heart" with Juliette, to which Kelsey responds incredulously, "I apologized to her over and over and over again for a year before she slapped me. She lost that chance after she slapped me." It's then that Chloe has Kelsey and Max turn on her, when she says that had she been at the ill-fated party that ended with a slap, she wouldn't have let Kelsey back Juliette "into a corner" with her being "really, really drunk."


Kelsey sputters to answer before standing up to leave. "The point of this whole entire party is to be nice to one another, so I'm going to politely step away before this gets to another level," she tells Chloe, who snaps back, "Continue to run away from your problems... classic Kelsey." Kelsey responds while making her exit, "Isn't it? Thank you so much." Siesta Key airs Wednesdays 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.