Sean Lowe Offers His Advice for 'Bachelorette' Becca Kufrin

When it comes to making a Bachelor Nation romance last, Sean and Catherine Lowe are experts.

Meeting on Lowe's season of The Bachelor in 2013, the couple soon married and are now parents to sons, Samuel, 2, and Isaiah, 2 months. And while Lowe has been wrapped up in diaper duty during Becca Kufrin's most recent season of The Bachelorette, which ended Monday in her engagement to Garrett Yrigoyen, he did have advice for the lovebirds he shared exclusively with Wednesday.

"I would say the hardest part starts as soon as the camera stops," he says. "You're going to have to learn a lot about each other."

In addition to deciding where the new couple is going to put down roots, Lowe explains that "on top of that you have to learn how to be in a normal relationship. How do you communicate? How do you fight in a healthy way? How do make up? How do you forgive? All those basic things that you aren't forced to face on a show like The Bachelor. Real world scenarios you have to learn."

(Photo: Lowe’s + CRAFTSMAN / Sam Hodde)

The newfound fame Kufrin and Yrigoyen are facing won't make it any easier, he adds.

"It makes it really difficult when you're being pulled in a thousand different directions after the show by all kinds of other stuff, distractions," he says. "I think most importantly you just have to commit to your new fiancée and commit to them first and make sure that they are always heard."

He admits he "didn't always do a great job of that," confessing, "I went straight from The Bachelor to Dancing With the Stars and without really consulting Catherine, my new fiancée. If I had it to do over again I would have probably done things differently. That's my biggest piece of advice — just put your fiancée first and try not to be distracted by all the other stuff that comes along with it."

But he has hope for the couple, as well as the other couples put in the same situation as he and his wife.

"It's a weird situation that you're thrust into, but if you commit to one another, you can make it out okay," he says.

Now that they've weathered the storm of their first years as part of Bachelor Nation, the Lowes are facing the realities of parenthood — a blessing that comes with its own clutter and mess. So when the former Bachelor was approached by Lowes and CRAFTSMAN tools, he was happy to partner with them to cut through the mess of his garage.

(Photo: Lowe’s + CRAFTSMAN / Sam Hodde)

"It quickly became cluttered with all kinds of junk. Most of which was the kids junk," Lowe told PopCulture. "I was in desperate need of a garage makeover because I didn't have a good way to organize everything. That was my main problem. So luckily, I got to team up with Lowe's and Craftsman Tools and they hooked me up with great shelving, so that I could organize all the stuff. We have these really cool, Craftsman heavy duty tool cabinets. You know the big read and black ones that maybe you see on TV."


After only half a day of work, Lowe says his former man cave is now fully functional. "My garage looks like one of those really nice mechanics garages that you might see on TV now," he says.

Photo credit: Instagram/Sean Lowe, Lowe's + CRAFTSMAN/Sam Hodde