'School of Rock' Actor to Compete on 'Survivor' Season 37

Ned Schneebly is going to Survivor — or at least the actor who played him! School of Rock actor Mike White will be competing on Season 37 of the CBS reality show, the network announced Wednesday.

White, 47, who appeared alongside Jack Black as his more responsible roommate in the 2003 film, is also known for his filmmaking credits, which include writing for School of Rock, Nacho Libre, Freaks and Geeks and Pitch Perfect 3.

In his bio for Survivor, White wrote his personal claim to fame is having "accomplished a lot in my career" and being able to "make a lot of movies."

Appearing on the reality show, he wrote, "my primary motivation is playing the game. I've always, always wanted to play and see how I would do. Secondary is the absurd challenge of it all."

He compared himself to Survivor alums Johnathan Penner, whom he called "a good storyteller" and Rob Cesternino, whom he said "had a good read on people."

As for why he thinks he can make it to the season finale, White wrote, "I have the desire. I know the game. I am a student of human psychology, like what people say and how they behave."

White won't be the only celeb to be playing the game this season. WWE alum John Morrison, real name John Hennigan, will be alongside him on the Goliath team, facing off against the David team.

Castaways in the David Tribe "have overcome adversity in their lives," CBS said in a news release Wednesday, while those on the Goliath Tribe "tend to capitalize on their individual advantages and use it against their opponents."

Host and executive producer Jeff Probst added, "'Goliaths' often have visible advantages, and they capitalize on them to ensure success, whereas 'Davids' are often forced to rely on their secret weapons and use these advantages to overcome adversity. It's two very different approaches to life, but Survivor is the great equalizer, because you never know which skill set will be most useful in this cunning game of social politics."

The new season, which premieres Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 8 p.m. ET in a 90-minute premiere special, promises to challenge ideas of "social politics," CBS promises while contestants compete for a $1 million prize on the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji.

Photo credit: CBS