Savannah Chrisley Steps up After Dad Todd Falls Ill

Savannah Chrisley is stepping into her father's shoes for a very specific role. According to TV Shows Ace, Savannah is filling in for her father, Todd Chrisley, on the podcast that he co-hosts with his wife and Savannah's mother, Julie Chrisley. While on the podcast, Chrisley Confessions, Julie explained that Todd could not be a part of the production as he was not "feeling well."

After explaining that Todd would be taking a step back from the podcast, Savannah and Julie proceeded to discuss some of their everyday activities. Savannah began by explaining her daily routine. Although, she did say that her daily routine was affected by her father's illness. She said that Wednesday, when they were recording the episode, was "one of those days" and that she pushed back everything in her schedule in order to "step in to do the podcast" after finding out that Todd wasn't feeling well.

Julie went on to praise her daughter for being so dependable, saying “how grateful [she] is for Savannah.” She added, “she will just jump in there and do what needs to be done.” Julie also noted that Savannah downplayed everything that she was busy with before recording the podcast. The reality star said that her daughter worked out and grabbed breakfast for her brother and niece, Greyson and Chloe, all before stepping in for her father. Additionally, Julie even mentioned that she didn't have to ask Savannah to replace Todd, she simply stepped in to help when she saw that her mom needed it. Savannah then said, “Mom, I have it all planned out. I brought breakfast back. I’m gonna have my makeup done before the podcast. I’ll go record the podcast with you, and then I can do my photoshoot."

On Instagram, Julie and Savannah noted that the next episode of Chrisley Confessions would feature the mother-daughter duo as the hosts. Alongside a photo of herself and her mom, Savannah wrote, "Today was such a special #chrisleyconfessions podcast with @juliechrisley !! I was sooo happy to sit and talk with mom. This episode is all about being intentional, putting family first, and gaining confidence!" She ended her caption by writing, "Be intentional in every aspect of your life! Be full of love and full of grace!"