'RHOSLC': Lisa Barlow Talks Family Life, Fresh Wolf, and What She Really Wants Viewers to See (Exclusive)

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reached new heights as of late thanks to an incredible, drama-filled Season 2. While the series has become a new favorite amongst fans, no one on the show's cast has had as much of a breakout as Lisa Barlow has in the second season. Whether it's because of her iconic, "gorgeous" one-liners or her relatable penchant for fast food, fans have loved watching Barlow's journey on RHOSLC. During a recent chat with PopCulture.com, Barlow reflected on her time on RHOSLC, her business career, including the company that her two young sons created, Fresh Wolf, and what she really wants fans to know about her.

If you're an RHOSLC fan, especially one that's active on social media, you've undoubtedly heard your fair share of "Hi, baby gorgeous" and "Jennie!" lines. As for how Barlow feels about some of her own beloved phrases becoming endlessly quotable, she did say that it's funny and "very flattering" to see what fans have gravitated towards. She went on to say that viewers have been able to see her in a different light in Season 2 thanks to a "huge shift from Season 1" because she feels "more involved in the show." Barlow added, "I'm really opinionated and I also have a big heart. So, I'm always trying to get [issues] resolved and resolution with everybody."

Even though Barlow's RHOSLC journey has experienced a shift from Seasons 1 to 2, there is still more to the reality star than meets the eye. She noted that the one thing that she really wants fans to see is more of her "personal life" such as with her family "because I love my family so much and they're my favorite people to film with." Still, she has nothing but gratitude for her RHOSLC experience thus far and the love that she's received from fans, saying, "It's been an adjustment, but... I'm grateful for it. I understand it's a great platform, and I'm glad I'm on it." 

Bravo fans know that Season 2 of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has been full of drama, from Barlow's feud with Whitney Rose and Heather Gay to Jen Shah's arrest saga and the fallout. Amidst it all, Barlow is balancing numerous businesses, a home renovation, and, of course, being a working mom. She explained that while her business life isn't featured as much on Season 2, she still has her marketing company and her work with Vida Tequila. When it comes to balancing it all, Barlow shared that it might "look easy," but that "it doesn't mean it's easy. I'm just constantly time managing and balancing, and not always succeeding."

One of the most important things that Barlow is working on at the moment is Fresh Wolf, the brand started by her two sons, Jack and Henry. Fresh Wolf recently announced a partnership with Utah Foster Care, an organization that is close to the hearts of all of those in the Barlow family. In addition to chatting with the RHOSLC star, PopCulture.com also got to hear from Jack, who opened up about what this partnership means to him. He explained, "Teaming up with foster care means a lot to me. My dad was in the system and I have a few friends who are and have been in it. I just want to help out my community as much as I can."


Jack recalled that his parents (Barlow and her husband, John Barlow) inspired him to start the Fresh Wolf brand, which he and his younger brother pitched to them over three years ago. Naturally, Barlow, being an entrepreneur herself, was "delighted" when she heard about her kids' business aspirations. She was even more proud when they told her that they wanted to give back to Utah Foster Care and spread the word about the importance of giving back to your local foster care organization. 

"My husband's lucky and we're lucky we live in a state where there's a lot of efforts made for foster youth," Barlow said. "We're lucky that we can do a giveback, with every unit [of Fresh Wolf] sold we do a two on one shampoo, body wash. But, there's other things you can do to donate — your kid's old jackets, things your kids have outgrown, prom dresses. ... So, you can just do little things. There's so many foster organizations in each state, it's important to know that they need help really, really badly." When it comes to where the Fresh Wolf brand will go next, the sky is truly the limit for the Barlow crew. But, you can count on them to give back to their local communities all while running with their own tight-knit wolf pack.