'RHONJ' Star Teresa Giudice Says It's 'Strike 2' for Jackie Goldschneider After Prison Comment

Teresa Giudice isn't letting go of Jackie Goldschneider's comment about her husband's prison sentence, despite her Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star's attempt to mend fences.

The most recent trouble between the two women began a few weeks ago on the Bravo show, when during a debate about whether a woman could control her husband, Goldschneider used Teresa's husband, Joe Giudice, as an example to back up her position that a man's choices are his own. Teresa, who famously says her husband is "away," and refers to her own time in prison for the same fraud charges as "camp," was naturally taken aback, which sparked an expletive-filled rant against the mommy blogger.

After Goldschneider reached out to meet with Teresa and settle their issues, the women sat down for a cup of coffee in Wednesday's all-new episode of the reality show, which started with Goldschneider calling Teresa's actions "not excusable."

"I don't get spoken to like that," she told her. "I'm a grown woman. I have a lot of self-respect. I was like, 'What the f—?'"

Teresa wasn't buying it, however, calling the newcomer "f—ing delusional" in her confessional, adding, "I didn't start with her."

"Listen, you came at me first," Teresa replied. "Everyone knows my situation, and no one would throw that in my face."

"But is that the way you argue with people?" Goldschneider asked, at which point Teresa replied, "If they piss me off, yeah."

"This is the problem, because if you didn't intend to be disrespectful by screaming in my face, why would you say, 'You've been here for five minutes. If you want to make it to 10 minutes, watch your mouth?'" Goldschneider said of their argument. "Which, to me, sounded like a threat."

"Well it's not a threat," Teresa responded, telling her that it was "insensitive" for her to bring up her family's troubles as a metaphor for her argument.

Defending herself, Goldschneider clarified, "I was saying that you're such a strong woman, that if a woman was capable of controlling her husband's actions, there's no way you would have let that happen."

When Teresa explained it didn't come off that way when she said it, Goldschneider explained that her own parents had "issues with the IRS," explaining that her dad was in prison for six months and both were on house arrest for some time. Despite saying she could "laugh about it," Teresa reminded her that her husband's 41-month sentence is a bit more serious.

"I'm living it right now. My kids live with it every day, and it really hurts them that their father's not here," she explained.

After apologizing for hurting Teresa, Goldschneider promised to "never bring up that situation" again, but Teresa was keeping a wary eye on her co-star.

"I hear what she's saying, but this is strike two for Jackie," she admitted in her confessional. "I'll give her the second chance for now, and we'll see how the game plays out."


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Photo credit: Bravo