'RHONJ' Star Teresa Giudice Claims Melissa and Joe Gorga Didn't Care About Honoring Mother's Death

Teresa Giudice is taking brother Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa to task for taking a vacation on the one-year anniversary of mother Antonia Gorga's death.

In Wednesday's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Giudice and Melissa were still feeling the tension from Joe and his sister's fight over the amount of time he spends with their father last week during the cast trip to Oklahoma. Although Melissa said she was "not taking the bait" with her sister-in-law's passive aggressive comments, Giudice was clearly not letting her Melissa off the hook when it comes to the Gorga family obligations.

While talking with Dolores Catania, Giudice revealed that on the first anniversary of her mother's death, Melissa and Joe took a glamorous vacation to the Bahamas. "I didn't even know they were going," she told the cameras. "I found out on Instagram."

She added to Catania, "I was like, really? Out of all the weekends, you had to pick this weekend. I didn't say nothing to Melissa, she didn't give a s— obviously, she booked the trip. You don't do that."

And although Melissa said she was willing to let her husband and his sister fight over family obligations without getting involved, as she had in the past, Giudice placed part of the blame for Joe's absence in their father's life on her shoulders.

"If she would say to my brother, 'Go spend time with your dad,' my brother would do it," she told the cameras. "I'm so tired of Melissa's s—. Maybe it needs to explode."

Giudice's simmering rage towards her sister-in-law continued to build when Melissa revealed that a medium told her she had another half-sister via her late dad, getting emotional about never knowing this potential other sibling.

"She's crying over the sister she doesn't even know she has, meanwhile my dad is in our lives right now, present, and she's not making him a priority," Giudice said. "I'm really pissed."

The bodybuilder eventually brought the issue to a head with Melissa, explaining, "When you're not around, [Joe] spends more time with [dad]," and adding that the vacation seemed insensitively-timed at best.

"What are you saying, he doesn't love his mother?" Melissa fired back. "What the f— are you talking about? You've gone too far."

The fight was taken to a new level when Melissa said because Giudice's husband was serving time in prison right now, she had more time to tend to her parents, despite the mother-of-four pointing out that she was raising their children alone as a single parent.

"I'm living this nightmare right now, so how can you say that to me?" Giudice added in a confessional, storming off when Melissa suggested that if she could control her husband, Giudice should have been able to control hers and the couple could have avoided prison time altogether.

Back in Jersey, Joe was busy taking care of the Gorga kids, saying that just because he wasn't working over the weekend didn't mean he had time to spend with his father. He also seemed to be turning against his sister once again, telling the cameras that while he had long blamed his troubled relationship with his father on Joe Giudice, "I'm starting to realize that it was Teresa."


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