Margaret Josephs' Hitler Analogy Causes Major Fight on 'RHONJ'

Siggy Flicker isn't quite over the comment about Hitler Margaret Josephs made on Real Housewives of New Jersey a couple weeks ago.

The unfortunate analogy came up during a discussion of Kim DePaola, who Flicker was trying to defend when Josephs said, "Siggy, Hitler woulda not killed me. Does that make him a good person?"

Two weeks later on the Housewives' trip to Milan, Italy, Flicker says she can't stop thinking about the comment as both a Jew and daughter of a Holocaust survivor.

"Just recently at Fresco's, for us to be in an argument and for her to use Hitler as a comparison is inappropriate," she says. "Can't you guys admit it?"

"It was an analogy, I didn't compare her to Hitler," Josephs says, defending herself.

"You're getting off track, it's an analogy," Danielle Staub says, jumping in.

Josephs says she's just deflecting to avoid blame for not defending Teresa Giudice at DePaola's fashion show, where the two nearly threw down over rumors Giudice is cheating on her incarcerated husband.

"Deflect much? I mean that's what she does all the time," Josephs tells the camera.

When Josephs points out that her children are Jewish, Flicker says that doesn't mean she can't be anti-Semitic.

"Honey, I know many people who marry Jews who can't stand Jews," she says.

It's at this point the dinner spirals out of control.

"How dare you say I can't stand Jews?" Josephs says, rising from the table to point her finger at Flicker. "That's bulls—."

"You're anti-Semitic," Flicker states, before the restaurant grows quiet.

The Housewives all then erupt, yelling and screaming before Flicker throws a glass at Staub.

"How dare she to be hurtful and disgusting to say something like that so no one focuses on her," Josephs says. "She doesn't want to take responsibility for hurting Melissa [Gorga] and Teresa."

Back at the hotel, the ladies reflect on the crazy night, and Flicker apologizes for what she said to Staub.

While Flicker admits she doesn't think Josephs is an anti-Semite, she says her inability to apologize to someone who has their feelings hurt is concerning, and that the Hitler comment hit a nerve.

"With this girl, the energy doesn't work," Flicker says.

"And I think she feels the same," Staub agrees.

On the phone with her husband later, Flicker explains the women are making her doubt herself.

"She just does not like you," he says, "And between me and you you should start taking your own advice and walk away from a toxic situation."

"OK honey, I'm coming home," she replies.


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Photo credit: Bravo