'RHOD': Tiffany Moon Calls out Co-Star Kameron Westcott for 'Offensive' Instagram Post

The Real Housewives of Dallas are bringing the drama both on and off-screen. Newest Housewife [...]

The Real Housewives of Dallas are bringing the drama both on and off-screen. Newest Housewife Tiffany Moon, in particular, has found herself at odds with her co-star Kameron Westcott. As Screen Rant reported, Moon recently called out Westcott for her "offensive" Instagram post in which she would rather eat dog food than chicken feet, a popular Chinese dish.

Moon, the first individual of Asian descent to join the RHOD, joined the Bravo series for Season 5, which is currently airing. She quickly made a splash on the season, particularly as she has been at odds with Westcott for some time now. During the second episode of the season, Moon decided to share some of her Chinese culture with the fellow women. The Housewife invited her co-stars to dine on traditional Chinese cuisine, including chicken feet. However, Westcott refused to try the dish, and she and Moon have had a rocky relationship ever since. On Instagram, Westcott referenced this dilemma as she promoted her dog food brand, Sparkle Dog. In her caption for the post, she wrote that she would rather eat dog food than chicken feet (she has since deleted the post from her feed).

Moon soon responded to the post on her Twitter account, writing, "Ok Kam – YOU said you'd rather eat dog food than food from my culture. I admit I was pushy, but this is outright offensive." She then referenced that Westcott has blocked her from the social media platform in light of their drama. Moon added, "So, then you block me? GOT IT. For the record, I have never called you a racist #yousaidit." Westcott has frequently joked about her dislike of chicken feet, but her recent Instagram post seemed to be the final straw regarding this situation.

In response to her co-star's tweets, Westcott herself took to Twitter to write, "Maybe if we say a prayer this will be the last time I talk about chicken feet this season." She also addressed claims that she has offended Chinese culture by making fun of the dish, as she added, "Saying that I don't like chicken feet has nothing to do with China." Considering that Moon and Westcott have been at odds throughout Season 5 of RHOD (and have continued to spar online), viewers can likely expect even more drama to play out between the ladies before the season ends.