'RHOC': Tamra Judge Breaks Down Over Broken Friendship with Vicki Gunvalson

Friendships may have been mended in Monday's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, when Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson took the Housewives trip to Iceland as an opportunity to discuss their fractured friendship.

The two have been at odds for a while now, with Gunvalson spreading false rumors that Judge's husband Eddie is gay and Judge not missing an opportunity to bring up her old friend's naive involvement in boyfriend Brooks Ayers' cancer scam.

But after watching Vicki get taken to an Icelandic hospital with what she thought was a heart attack, but ended up being a combination of exhaustion and dehydration.

“Seeing Vicki being taken off to the hospital kind of puts things in perspective,” Judge said in a confessional interview. “Like, what are we fighting over? Does it really matter? And I feel like now we can really have a conversation that means something.”

When the two have come together in the past to discuss their problems, things have quickly devolved into yelling. But this time, the two keep their anger at bay.

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“(You) have to be willing to hear it and listen to it and then hear my side,” Gunvalson told Judge. “There’s two sides to every conflict and every story and…people are going to have to sacrifice and really forgive. Because I’ve been hurt too.”

Judge brought up her husband Eddie soon enough, saying, “He is so amazing to me. He’s my best friend. I love him ... Could you imagine if I was spreading rumors about (boyfriend Steve Lodge)? It would be hurtful. You should have come to me.”

“I’ve had people come to me about Steve,” Judge continued. “It’s not my style. How would you like it if I did it to you? Just please tell me you’re sorry!”

Gunvalson said she did feel like Judge had been spreading rumors about her and how much she did or didn't know with her ex's cancer scam.

“I did (say I’m sorry) Tamra and I’ve been telling you for 6 months,” she said. “I’ve heard bad thing you’ve said about me. You did, with Brooks. You did for 5 years. But I had to learn that myself.”

Judge seemed to understand, saying, “Vicki that wasn’t spreading rumors. I was never spreading rumors about Brooks,” she said. “I was your friend, Vicki. I wanted you (at your) best. I wanted you to be happy. I knew he was lying to you.”

“You turned against people [who] tried to protect you,” Judge continued, now crying. “I was protecting you. Do you understand how hard it hurt me? Do you understand? I fought for you. I wanted you as a friend. I loved you as a friend and you chose him over me. He f--ked you. … All I ever wanted was the best for you. That’s all I ever wanted.”

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Guvalson embraced her friend, now crying herself. “I will promise you, on my children’s lives, I have no desire to hurt you," she said. "We should have never lost our friendship over a man. You, Shannon and (Heather Dubrow) were all pushing me out — calling me con woman, calling me all these horrible things. I’ve known you for a decade of my life… This is crazy. When I told you that you were like my sister, you were like my family, and don’t hurt me, I will not hurt you.”

The moment was definitely heartfelt, but fellow Housewife Shannon Beador wasn't buying Guvalson's apology.

“What I’m watching right now is making me sick to my stomach. Vicki’s never been a real friend to Tamra. Ever. She’s a f--king liar,” Beador said. “Vicki you (hurt Tamra) every week! I’ve been sitting here watching her cry. She calls me crying about you every week.”


“That woman doesn’t admit anything,” Beador said in a confessional. “She never takes responsibility for anything she does. And she’s doing nasty, mean things on a regular basis.”

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