The sports broadcaster added, "I'm 100 percent sure she's fully aware that she's making up lies and the information she got was incorrect."

Jim said he was trying to "do the right thing" and protect his family by speaking out so strongly against Kelly's accusation.

"I just think that there should be repercussions for people who make up flat-out lies just to put themselves on TV because they have nothing better to say. I am tired of listening to Kelly's lies," Jim said.

The former MLB player continued, "I'm not looking for publicity, I just can't let my wife sit there and be killed and have to worry about this bullsh-t when she has a baby and all this IVF stuff going on."

Jim threw in a jab at Kelly as well, bringing up her recent divorce filing in his response.

"Her relationship is completely a disaster. She's filed for divorce and moved out and was having her own situations. I think she should worry about her own damn self," Jim explained to us. "If you're going to spread rumors about somebody, they better be true or you should have to pay some consequences for spreading lies."

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