'RHOBH' Showcases Denise Richards' Nontraditional Wedding to Aaron Phypers

Amid the complicated web of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' PuppyGate, Denis Richards was planning a fairytale wedding in less than a week.

Just two weeks after the new Housewife's longterm partner Aaron Phypers finalized his 2015 divorce from Nicollette Sheridan, the couple decided to tie the knot on a whim, throwing together a chic ceremony on a timeline that shocked even their wedding planner.

"I was just like f— it, let's do it," she admitted to the cameras on Tuesday's all-new episode of the Bravo series. "As a little girl, I knew when I got married that I wanted to have something really fancy and beautiful, but I've had the big Hollywood wedding before...the wedding was much better than the marriage."

Richards and Two and a Half Men actor Charlie Sheen wed in 2002 but divorced in 2006 amid a number of controversies on his side.

That doesn't mean Richards holds a grudge against her ex, with whom she shares 14-year-old daughter Sam and 13-year-old Lola.

"No matter what's gone down between Charlie and I, I invited Charlie to everything having to do with the kids and I," the Wild Things actress said. "Even if he did bring a prostitute as his date, I wouldn't care. It's just, it is what it is."

On such a short timeline, Richards' daughters didn't find out about the wedding until two days before the ceremony.

"I waited to tell the girls until two days before the wedding, because I think I was afraid of my two teenage daughters judging me, even though that sounds weird," Richards admitted. "In hindsight, we should have told them a while ago that we were planning on getting married. I really regret that part."

She noted, however, "It's the norm in Hollywood to be married more than once, so Sammy and Lola finding out I'm getting married in two days, it's not so abnormal in our family. It's our normal."

Of course, the two teens, as well as Richards' 7-year-old adopted daughter Eloise, were happy to have Phypers as a stepfather.

"The girls definitely accept Aaron — they adore him," Richards said as the couple scrambled to ready everything in time. "I give Aaron a lot of credit, he doesn't have children, and he has just fit right in with our family, which is challenging, and it says a lot about him that makes me fall even more in love with him — that he's not phased with any of this."

The couple managed to pull together a stunning, if nontraditional wedding, in time, with the family walking down the aisle all together to metal music instead of the traditional march.

"I bow down," even fellow Housewife Lisa Rinna had to admit. "Denise Richards is a legend."


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Photo credit: Bravo