'RHOA' Star Porsha Williams Doesn't Want to 'Cloud' First Days of Motherhood Worrying About Post-Baby Body

Porsha Williams is prioritizing her new baby over her goal post-pregnancy weight. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, who welcomed daughter Pilar Jhena on March 22, took to Instagram Tuesday to say she is embracing her new curves after giving birth.

"Sooo I have def been taking my time when it comes to loosing(sic) my baby weight!" Williams wrote on the post on social media. "I'm big on enjoying every step of this experience and I didn't want to cloud it with worrying about my size."

"I have thoroughly been enjoying motherhood and making Pj priority number one!" she continued. "However lately I've decided to start eating healthy and drinking a gang of water and I actually can see some early changes in my body."

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"I really don't believe in the snapback thing for me too much or put pressure on myself..." she said of celebrity expectations to slim down quickly after giving birth. "I'm just celebrating me starting to FEEL like myself again after childbirth. I still don't think I'm ready to start working out so I'll probably wait another month to get in the gym so for now, it's just portion control and good food choices."

She ended the caption with a message to all new mothers, writing: "To all the new mommies out there love your new body no matter what stage you are in because you are a warrior and have accomplished a true miracle by creating new life !! [kiss emoji] Ps: Yes I still have a FUPA and I love it!!"

Fans of the Bravo personality took to the comments section to praise Williams for her positive message, while also complimenting her for her physique.

"Beyonce says she loves her fupa so embrace it Queen[praise hands emoji] you look amazing," one fan commented.

"You look great!" one user commented.

"[Red heart emoji] love this message you're sending!" Another fan wrote.

"I appreciate that this isn't an ad for some bs weight-loss gimmick," Another fan wrote, criticizing other reality stars profiting over body image on social media.

The message comes over onto since news broke that Williams and fiancé Dennis McKinley had ended their engagement back in June.


A source told Us Weekly: "There is a tiny, tiny, tiny chance they would get back together, [but] likely no."

The couple welcomed PJ in March. The pair will presumably co-parent their daughter, as no custody discussions have been made public.