'RHOA' Cast Member Sheree Whitfield Calls Incarcerated Boyfriend Her 'Soulmate'

Sheree Whitfield is head over heels for her "prison bae."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member revealed earlier this season that she was dating Tyrone Gilliams, who she dated years prior, reconnecting eight months before he began a prison sentence for white collar crimes. Whitfield has said she didn't know her beau was about to go to prison until he had to report for his sentence.

Whitfield says in Sunday's episode that she talks with Gilliams all the time, and that if he is how he seems when he's released from prison "hopefully this year," she would happily marry him.

But not everyone is as excited the 47-year-old has found new love.

When she takes a call from Gilliams while meeting with her life coach Jack Daniels, he doesn't seem too impressed to hear the details of the romance.

Whitfield says she "didn't give a s---" about the other Housewives talking about her relationship, insisting that she loves him.

"Is this a fantasy?" Daniels asks, to which Whitfield says no.

"Tyrone fulfills me more than any man has," she tells the camera.

"I know what we share," she tells Daniels. "He is my soul mate."

Gilliams has also been called a "con man" repeatedly by Bravo star NeNe Leakes.

In season four, Gilliams was the subject of a massive fight when a deal between the him and Leakes fell through due to what she called "shady" business dealings.

"Shereé's taste in men is confusing," she confessed in last week's episode. "But if she has found love in a prison bae, I am all the way here for her."

Later, when talking to Whitfield on the Housewives' San Francisco trip, Leakes told her friend that Gilliams is going to come out "tricking the stocks" like before he was incarcerated.

When Whitfield clarified her boyfriend is in prison for securities fraud, Leakes brushed off the correction.


"Being a con artist is being a damn con artist," she told the camera. "There's no way you can put a cherry on top of that and make it make sense."

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Photo credit: Instagram/@shereewhitfield