'RHOA' Cast Surprises Kenya Moore With Shady Fake Wedding

Since Kenya Moore's Real Housewives of Atlanta castmates weren't invited to her first wedding to mysterious husband Marc Daly, they decided to throw her a surprise wedding that was only a little bit mocking her in Sunday's episode of the Bravo show.

The ceremony, which occurred during a group trip to San Francisco, was planned by Shereé Whitfield, Kandi Burruss, NeNe Leakes, Porsha Williams, Cynthia Bailey and guest cast member Marlo Hampton, who said they were bothered not just they hadn't been invited to Moore's June wedding in St. Lucia, but that they still hadn't met Daly.

Filling in for him at the ceremony was a cardboard cutout of a man's they dubbed "Flat Marc," complete with a question mark face.

"The groom is like so what I would imagine Kenya to marry. Someone who is tall and mysterious. Someone who is completely questionable," Williams joked. "I think he's perfect!"

Although her castmates weren't sure how she would react, Moore took the ribbing well.

"When I saw the groom and that was supposed to be my husband, it was like, 'I'm just going to go with it because it's making me smile because it's so stupid,' " she confessed.

The wedding was officiated by none other than NeNe Leakes, clad in a red robe.

"My wedding gift to Miss Daly is to give her the wedding of her dreams," Leakes joked, making Moore recite vows to support the restauranteur "through richness and through richness, through restaurants and through restaurants."

"This was great, thank you guys," Moore told her friends after the festivities.

"At least we finally got to see you go down the aisle!" Burruss teased.

When Moore left the trip to go to her grandmother's funeral, the women took their criticism to another level, questioning whether her marriage to Daly was real. Bailey, hurt that her friend is being mocked, left in tears.

"We all know very clearly that Kenya gets scrutinized the most about her relationships. It's always like, 'Oh you got a fake boyfriend,' " she said, defending Moore. "I do want to meet him, but I don't want to press her to do it. I'm telling you my honest feelings. I am good friends with Kenya. You may be the type of person, 'You gotta meet my husband right away.' That's not her. Kenya is a loner, Kenya is different from you."

"These girls are such a trip," Bailey continued. "They rained on Kenya's parade when she didn't have a man and they are raining extra hard on her parade now that she does have one. … She's finally happy. It is what is is and they should just leave her alone. … I'm not going to pretend that Kenya's marriage situation is normal. But as her friend, I'm going to have to respect her process."


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Photo credit: Bravo