'Rehab Addict' Star Nicole Curtis Could Face Home Foreclosure as Ex-Lawyer Sues

Nicole Curtis may be facing home foreclosure if she doesn't pay fees owed to her former legal team, The Blast reports.

The Rehab Addict star is accused of refusing to pay a $30,000 bill from her former lawyer, who is now asking for a judge to allow them to foreclose on one of her Michigan properties. A representative for Curtis told PopCulture.com that no judgement has been rendered on the filing.

The law firm Schnelz Wells P.C. sued Curtis on Nov. 14, claiming she refused to pay a $31,976.96 bill charged to her during her custody battle with ex Shane Maguire.

The firm said that it worked for Curtis from February 2016 until June 2016 when it was able to help her negotiate a settlement with Maguire. The firm says it spent a significant amount of time and resources to help bring about the deal. In the lawsuit, the firm claims that Curtis has refused to pay her bill and has even evaded paying, despite their numerous attempts to contact her.

Curtis has reportedly disputed the lien and the billing on numerous occasions.

“Ms. Curtis’s evasive conduct and successful efforts in avoiding Schnelz Wells’ diligent attempts to collect the outstanding obligation, has left Schnelz Wells with no other option other than to enforce the Lien to protect its interest," the firm said in the lawsuit. It placed a lien against properties the HGTV star owns in Michigan and is now suing for the right to foreclose on one of her homes.

The firm wants the home sold at a public auction to the highest bidder, with the sale profits going toward her $30,000 bill.

The foreclosure attempt comes less than a month after Curtis settled her drawn-out custody agreement with Maguire, who is the father of her 3-year-old son, Harper. She and Maguire reportedly submitted their own deal to the court in order to avoid an upcoming trial. The custody agreement details that they will continue to share join physical and legal custody of Harper, as they have done for the past three years.

Last month's agreement details that Curtis agreed to create a trust fund of $250,000 for Harper, which Maguire will be able to use "for personal gain," according to a rep for Curtis. He is required to pay the money back by Harper's 19th birthday. In exchange for the agreement, Maguire dropped his pursuit for custody change. Curtis previously said the deal was "heavily, heavily negotiated" and involved "substantial compromises."


Neither party will pay child support, which means Curtis will forgo the $1,2000 monthly payment she was receiving previously. The battle had been raging on since 2016 when a court awarded Curtis primary physical custody with the couple sharing joint legal custody.

In a different custody battle, Steven Cimini, the father of Curtis' 20-year-old son, Ethan, reportedly faced jail time earlier this year for not paying child support. They have been waging courtroom warfare against each other since 2001.