'Real Housewives' Star Admits She Thinks About Leaving Franchise After More Than a Decade

One of the biggest names in the Real Housewives franchise may be considering departing the show. On Thursday, The Jasmine Brand published an interview with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss in which the reality star explained that she "contemplates" leaving the series, per Page Six. Burruss originally joined RHOA during the second season, which aired in 2009. She went on to have two spinoffs, The Kandi Factor and Kandi's Skip Trip, on Bravo.

Burruss explained that she frequently thinks about when it might be her time to exit the series, which she has been on for twelve seasons. Although, she did say, "It's not like it's not like a definite answer, you know what I mean." While she went on to say that she does "enjoy being a part of the show," she does still find it "stressful at times." She continued, "It is a lot going on, you know, but I do love the fans. I love the support of the fans." Burruss' recent comments come shortly after she took part in an interview with Access Hollywood, during which she also reflected on her time on RHOA and spoke about when she might depart the show.

"It's a constant change of where people are in their lives. I don't know is really my answer. I'm always contemplating when is my time for me to make a move, but I don't know," she said in April. "It's a mutual choice. It's the choice of the person if you want to stay, but it's also the choice of the network if they want you to stay." She went on to say about her relationship with Bravo, "For me, I've had a great relationship with the network, so I don't think it will ever be a situation where it would be a bad thing — at least, I hope it wouldn't be."


The interviewers did tell the Housewife that they do not believe that Bravo would ever get rid of her. Even though she has a positive relationship with the network, Burruss still kept mum when it came to her future with RHOA. She added, "It may be my time to say goodbye, and it may be my time to just be like, 'I'll stay a while longer.' You never know, I'm still kind of figuring things out." No matter what Burruss ultimately decides regarding her future with RHOA, rest assured that it will be a major talking point amongst the show's dedicated fans who have been following her journey for over a decade.