'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Marlo Hampton Has the Perfect Response to Her Haters

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Marlo Hampton finally has her peach as a full-time cast member. She's been a friend to the show since Season 4. The beloved fashionista is promising to showcase more of her personal life in her first season as a full time co-star, opening up about her life as a full-time guardian to her two nephews, introducing us to her mother whom she's had a complicated relationship with, and maybe even her love life. Some viewers have felt that Hampton lacks substance, including questioning her domestic abilities now that she's a mother figure. She's responded in an epic way.

In a March 24 Instagram post, Hampton clapped back to her followers who told her they "can't see [her] being domestic" with a throwback photo of herself cleaning a cast-iron skillet with a smile on her face. Before, Hampton spent much of her time dining out and traveling, but nowadays, she's more comfortable being at home with her nephews William and Michael.

She revealed on Instagram that she prepares gourmet meals for the two teens. "When the boys [say] Auntie can we go to brunch today?.... Yes you sure can right [here] at the Hamptons," she captioned an Instagram Story at the time, "Give me 30 mins." After preparing a five-star meal, she says she told them: "See? We don't need to go to brunch...We got brunch right in the house." Hampton showed off a spinach and shrimp omelet with hash browns on the side. 

Hampton's cast members say she's bringing the drama, so much so that her once-close relationship with Kandi Burruss was nearly ruined this forthcoming season. 

In a recent chat with us, Burruss teased their confrontation. "She had been saying little things here and there about me throughout this season- different things that she felt was rubbing her the wrong way or whatever," Burruss explained. "We were on the trip and she was saying something to somebody else, but to me it was hypocritical what she was saying. Because I'm like, "You can't say that about this person when you basically doing the same thing." And I guess she didn't like what I had to say. So she came back and said something to me. I said something to her. And the more we talked, it just got seriously disrespectful."