'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Drew Sidora Is Getting Divorced

It's over between Real Housewives of Atlanta star Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman. TMZ reported that both Sidora and Pittman have filed for divorce after almost 10 years of marriage. As the publication noted, it's possible that this split could get messy as both parties reportedly raced to file for divorce before the other was able to. 

Sidora reportedly filed for divorce before Pittman. More specifically, she did so 61 minutes before him. The RHOA star's divorce petition was received on Monday at 1:10 pm local time. Meanwhile, Pittman's documents were time-stamped at 2:11 pm on the same day. Both parties have said that their marriage is "irretrievably broken." In Sidora's filing, she says that she "reserves the right to add additional ground for divorce" if they are unable to reach a settlement. 

Sidora and Pittman listed different dates of separation. According to Pittman, they separated on Feb. 19. However, his estranged wife listed their date of separation as Feb. 23. In Pittman's filing, he outlined how he wants to handle custody of their two kids as well as their shared property. He is reportedly seeking joint physical and legal of their two children, 7-year-old son Machai and 5-year-old daughter Aniya. Sidora also has a son from a previous relationship. Pittman wants to keep his Porsche Taycan and his 2018 Cadillac, leaving Sidora responsible for her own 2021 Cadillac. He is pushing back on paying Sidora any potential spousal support, as he claims that she makes enough money by appearing on RHOA

The news of Sidora and Pittman's split likely won't come as too much of a shock to those who have watched them on RHOA. The Bravo series, which Sidora joined in 2020, has chronicled the issues within their relationship. However, months before this latest news, Sidora did say that they were in a "good place" during an interview with BET. In June, she explained to the outlet that marriage isn't how she envisioned it to be. She said that she grew up thinking that it would be an easy "happily ever after" situation considering that her parents have been married for decades. Although, she did say at the time that she and Pittman were committed to making things work and that they were taking the steps to do exactly that. 

"You're switching counselors to find the right one — but we're committed and I think that's what keeps people together," she said. "It's not that it's perfect because I'm not perfect and God knows he's not perfect [laughs] — we keep doing the work. He's really trying though, like truly is trying."