'Property Brothers': JD Scott Praises Fiancee for 'Carrying the Weight' During Illness in Heartwarming Post

JD Scott is paying tribute to his fiancée for taking care of him during his battle with a mysterious disease. Scott, the older brother of Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan, took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message to Annalee Belle Wednesday, sharing how loving she has been throughout the difficult chapter.

"I see you. Tired and anxious but determined. Getting up earlier than you should to give yourself that brief workout that helps you get through the day. Going to bed much later than you need to finish just one more thing from the list that never ends," he began in the caption of the sweet video. "The countless errands you run for us when I can't."

JD, who has appeared on Property Brothers at Home, continued with a list of things he admires about Belle.

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"The days on end of food prepping and researching so that I will actually eat and not fade away. The scans, blood draws, and doctor visits that you insist on taking me to. The calls you make to keep my name on the minds of physicians. The business appearances you force yourself to accommodate for our brands. The work trips you accept out of town when you don’t want to go anywhere but know we need it," he continued.

"The moments when you cry on the floor of your closet because you feel like you aren't doing enough. The times you walk quietly to let me sleep as you know it is so hard for me to reach. The little notes you leave me hidden throughout our home that tell me how much you care.

"The life that you have chosen to keep that is not always what you saw for yourself in the past. I see that you are carrying the weight of us both and for that you are my hero," he concluded. "I love you."

Belle responded to the touching moment, admitting the message from her beloved left her in tears.

"Okay, well I'm in tears now. [crying emoji] This isn't the life I saw for myself.. This is so much better than anything I could have ever dreamed. A life with you is everything and more," she wrote.


The post comes a week after Scott revealed he has been battling a mysterious and debilitating illness for the past 14 months.

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"Human beings are delicate creatures and I found out just how delicate this last year as I struggled against something very serious," he wrote in the video caption. "It has been a race for answers and a frustrating journey when it seems like everything is against you, even time," the caption added.