Watch 'Property Brothers' Drew and Jonathan Scott Blush While Reading Thirst Tweets

Since their debut on HGTV in 2011, Property Brothers stars, Drew and Jonathan Scott have enamored [...]

Since their debut on HGTV in 2011, Property Brothers stars, Drew and Jonathan Scott have enamored fans with their charm, wit and good looks — and Buzzfeed took notice.

With a great acknowledgment to the latter, PEOPLE has even added them to their list of "Sexiest Men Alive" for the past few years — and well, we can't blame them!

Keeping fans in mind and the appeal of social media as an open forum for shared interests (and inner thoughts), Buzzfeed recognized the twins' sex appeal with a hilarious, new video shared to their YouTube channel that found Drew and Jonathan reading "thirst tweets" about themselves.

And they read just about the thirstiest tweets the internet has to offer!

Though they took the compliments in stride, even playing teasing the idea of being the "meat" in a Property Brothers sandwich, the two blushed over some of the incredibly descriptive, NSFW acts fans were hoping they could partake in with the Canadian twins — something the brothers almost retreated from as if they had just come across asbestos behind the drywall.

"Who are you perverts?" Drew jokingly asks.

While sifting through the hat of thirst tweets, Drew pulls out a tweet, which compliments the brothers and their physical assets.

"The Property Brothers have nice butts," Drew read the tweet, adding how the two often get that response on social media. "I'm like, we're two people, we have different butts."

"We don't share an a—," Jonathan quips.

"We're twins, we share a brain, just not a butt," Drew adds politely.

Soon after, the tweets get a lot more NSFW, with the brothers silently reading one in particular to themselves, and shutting it down.

"Nope!" Jonathan chimes in with wide eyes.

"Not reading that one!" Drew promptly said, while blushing.

The funny video, which spans four minutes and has raked in almost 200,000 views since its release, is just the tip of their funny personalities. Last month, it was announced that the Scotts were dipping their toes in comedy.

Variety reports that FOX announced it was developing a single-camera comedy series, executive produced by the twins and inspired by their memoir, It Takes Two. The new scripted series will follow "two entrepreneurial twin brothers who decide to join forces in the real estate business when they realize they are stronger together than apart."

Speaking to FOX News just months before the TV news broke, the Scotts stated their hope to someday produce a scripted series of their own.

"I think a big bucket list item for me and Jonathan is to produce some of our own scripted films and series," Drew said. "As our production company, Scott Brothers Entertainment, continues to expand and we're dominating the unscripted space, we're really excited to move back into scripted."

Photo credit: Araya Diaz/Getty Images