'Pioneer Woman' Ree Drummond's Husband Trampled by Cow

Ree Drummond's husband Ladd can chalk another injury up to ranch life. The Pioneer Woman star, 53, shared a video Friday of her husband, 53, brushing off a large cut on his back as he played, unfazed, with the family's dogs at the end of the day before revealing the painful incident he endured just hours prior.

In the clip, Ree asks Ladd, "How was your day, dear?" as Ladd responds, nonchalantly, "It was good." As Ree pans towards the large rip in Ladd's shirt, through which his injury can be seen, she asks, "Sure about that? What happened back here?" Still playing with the dogs, Ladd answers casually, "A cow ran over me – knocked me down," to which Ree asks, "Are you OK?" Ladd jokes he was "like a turtle on [his] back" when it happened, noting, "My back doesn't hurt, but she stepped on my leg. It hurts." A semi-amused Ree notes, "You need some Neosporin back here, sir."

The Food Network star added in the caption, "Ladd gave the cow two choices: Turn around and join the other cows, or run him over. She chose the latter. (You should see his leg...) Moo!" The couple's 24-year-old daughter Alex was concerned in the comments, simply writing on her mom's post, "OMG." This isn't Ladd's first injury working at Drummond Ranch, nor is it the most serious. 

In March 2021, Ladd and his nephew Caleb were both injured in a crash while battling a wildfire on the Oklahoma property, leaving Ladd with a broken neck. After much recovery, Ree shared that Ladd was back to his old self a year out from his close call. "He's lifting weights. He's riding his horse. He's feeding cattle and doing all the work on the ranch he always did," she wrote in a blog post. 


"Sure, his neck is still a little stiff and probably always will be," she continued. "He can no longer whip his head around when I call 'Oh, Honey????? Can you do me a favor????' from the other room. (And this is probably okay with him, haha)." Sharing just how grateful she and her family were for Ladd's recovery, Ree concluded, "So all in all, I'm giving thanks today Ladd is pretty much back to normal."