'Pawn Stars': Chumlee Reveals Secret Behind His 160-Pound Weight Loss

Pawn Stars fan-favorite Chumlee is looking like a whole new man after shedding more than 150 pounds. The former History Channel star, whose real name is Austin Lee Russell, took to social media earlier in October to reveal his drastic 160-pound weight loss, a transformation he said he was able to achieve through gastric sleeve surgery.

Opening up about his weight loss journey, Chumlee told TMZ that after topping the scale at 350 pounds in January 2019 and following years of yo-yo dieting that saw his weight fluctuate by as much as 100 pounds, he decided to undergo the surgery in early 2019 at Blossom Bariatrics in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gastric sleeve surgery is a surgical weight-loss procedure during which approximately 80% of the stomach is removed, leaving a tube-shaped stomach about the size and shape of a banana according to the Mayo Clinic. The procedure, which limits the amount of food you are able to consume, helped the Pawn Stars star drop a total of 160 pounds, with Chumlee now weighing 190 pounds, he told the outlet.

Can you believe it, I've lost over 150lbs !! How many people out there have always struggled with your weight like I...

Posted by Chumlee on Tuesday, October 5, 2021

A slimmer figure was not the only reason Chumlee had for undergoing the procedure, as he was also on a mission to live a healthier life. Now, nearly three years out from the surgery, Chumlee said he remains committed to "maintaining his weight by embracing a lifestyle change ... eating clean, healthy food and getting his sweat on." He also credited a strong support structure for helping him reach the weight loss and health goal.

Chumlee first revealed his weight loss transformation back on Tuesday, Oct. 5 when he shared side-by-side comparison photos on Facebook, telling his fans, "can you believe it, I've lost over 150lbs!" The post drew plenty of praise from his followers, many of whom opened up about their own weight loss journeys and struggles. Responding to one person who admitted that "the motivation and drive to get out and work out after work is a struggle," Chumlee offered up some motivation, writing, "I know that! Sometimes youre just so tired, but every time I go get a work out in, even 15 mins, I feel way better. The hardest part is getting there, working out is easy."

Chumlee previously opened up about his weight struggles with PEOPLE in 2014. At the time, he told the outlet he dropped 60 pounds after he "eliminated all processed foods except mustard." He said his ultimate weight loss goal was to drop to 170 pounds.