'Pawn Stars' Sidekick Chumlee Sports New Look After Losing 60 Pounds

Pawn Stars cast member Austin 'Chumlee' Russell recently underwent gastric sleeve surgery to help [...]

Pawn Stars cast member Austin "Chumlee" Russell recently underwent gastric sleeve surgery to help out with weight loss — and has already dropped 60 pounds.

After undergoing the non-invasive surgery that reduced the size of his stomach on Feb. 15, Chumlee is shedding the weight quickly. Less than a month since his surgery and he is already down 60 pounds.

(Photo: Instagram / @chumlee702)

He still has a long way to go; he revealed on his YouTube show Street Knowledge that his ultimate weight loss goal is to drop to 170 pounds.

While Chumlee may be seeing results now, his weight loss journey hasn't always been an easy one. The 35-year-old Discovery personality has experienced significant weight fluctuation, having previously lost 100 pounds in 2014.

"I started at 320 pounds, and now I'm down to 225. When I first began, I eliminated all processed foods except mustard," he said to PEOPLE. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to keep the weight off.

Fast forward to today and Chumlee is back on track with the help of the gastric sleeve procedure. Inquisitir reports that he's on a strict diet of eating small meals of high-protein food and walking on the treadmill.

"So far after my first meeting with Dr. Apel and the team @blossombariatrics I'm officially down 50 pounds," he wrote on Instagram back on Feb. 23. "Following their diet regimen and feeling great. One week post-op of my gastric 'safe' sleeve and couldn't be feeling better. Thanks for all the love and support guys!"

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(Photo: Instagram / @chumlee702)

Two weeks after the surgery, Chumlee shared an update saying he had started to add some solid foods back into his diet as well as started exercising.

On Wednesday, March 6, he shared a photo of his weight loss progress, writing in the Instagram caption that he was down "one pants size" and "feeling great."

Chumlee's childhood friend and fellow Pawn Stars co-star Corey Harrison had previously undergone gastric bypass surgery in 2010 and has since dropped an impressive 192 pounds. He's been successful in keeping the weight off.