Paris Hilton Brushes off Her Recent Bad News

Paris Hilton brushed off the recent cancellation of her latest reality show, Cooking With Paris. Netflix burned the poorly baked show in January, several months after the show was released in August. Hilton never commented on the cancellation, instead focusing on her recent marriage to Carter Reum and their international honeymoon tour. She also quickly moved on to promoting her Peacock series, Paris In Love, which wrapped on Jan. 27 with episodes about her wedding.

Cooking With Paris was a six-episode show inspired by a chaotic YouTube video Hilton released in January 2020 that showed her teaching fans how to make her "famous" lasagna. The Netflix version featured appearances from Hilton's celebrity friends. Kim Kardashian West, Nikki Glaser, Demi Lovato, Saweetie, and Lele Pons all stopped by to join Hilton for her cooking misadventures. Her mother Kathy Hilton and sister Nicky Hilton also appeared on the show. The series briefly cracked Netflix's daily Top 10 rankings, but interest in the unusual show disappeared quickly.

Hilton, 40, did not comment on the news. Instead, she continues to post photos from her honeymoon with Reum, 40. Hilton married the venture capitalist in November and have been traveling the world ever since. On Monday, she shared a picture taken in Anguilla, an island in the Caribbean. "Feels like I stepped into a movie scene... Riding beautiful horses with my love," she captioned the post. Hilton has also been sharing videos from the trip on YouTube in her series My Honeymoon Dream. Their wedding was filmed for Paris In Love.

Hilton also teamed up with YouTube to release her documentary This Is Paris in 2020. In early January, Kathy told Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM show that she only watched it recently after Hilton asked her to. In the film, Hilton talked about her childhood trauma from her boarding school experience. Kathy said the film "put me into such a depression," especially because she and her husband Rick Hilton thought they were helping Hilton by sending her to Provo Canton School in Utah. Hilton accused the school staff of physical and emotional abuse. After the documentary was released, the school insisted its staff  dud not use "'solitary confinement' as a form of intervention" or give "any drug or medication as a means of discipline."


"We had gone and visited. We had met with school placement people. It was handled extremely professionally," Kathy told Cohen, reports PEOPLE. "In fact, I found out after this [documentary] came out, there's people that you and I both know that have had these problems or sent their child to the school. And then finally, they talked about it. You feel kind of ashamed."