'My Feet Are Killing Me' New Season Premiere Kicks off With 'Mic Drop' Feet That Surprise Even Dr. Brad in Exclusive Preview

Dr. Brad Schaeffer is taking on one "mic drop" of a patient in Wednesday's season premiere of My Feet Are Killing Me. In PopCulture's exclusive sneak peek of the season premiere, Schaeffer examines some feet he "straight up did not like" when new patient Basil comes to see him about "extreme calluses" on the bottom of his feet.

"Some of my patients, when they're walking around with these calluses, it can sometimes be like hard as a rock," Schaeffer explains of the difficulty of treating this kind of condition. "What I'm hoping, is I'm hoping that we can do a quick office procedure and really get this guy taken care of."

When Basil comes in for his examination, he admits that whatever has taken hold of the bottom of his feet is affecting his everyday life at this point. "I have a hard time walking," he tells the sympathetic doc. "I just want to know what causing this growth on my feet because it just grows and it just compounds. It becomes like barnacles."

Schaeffer can't help but appreciate the nautical analogy as one he's never heard before, especially when Basil says the "barnacles" belong to a ship that must have sunk long ago. Preparing to remove Basil's socks and shoes to examine his feet, the patient warns he might have to open some windows. "Oh really? You're saying they stink? Oh man," Schaeffer jokes. "Well it's good, it's COVID times when we have masks on." Basil responds warily, "I don't think there's a mask that's strong enough for these things."

It's clear something has gone wrong with Basil's feet from the moment Schaeffer goes to remove his socks and faces resistance. "I'm removing Basil's sock and it's literally like Velcro being ripped from the bottom of his foot," the doctor tells the cameras. "There's flakes falling on the ground; I'm having a tough time removing the sock. I've never seen anything like this."


Admitting to Basil his condition is "pretty rough," Schaeffer said he hopes he can help him, despite the extreme condition of his feet. "Truly it's just like mic drop," he admits. "I always talk about doctors having poise and I'm trying my best to deliver that. And I think I'm doing a pretty good job, but honestly, oh my God, I straight up did not like these feet." My Feet Are Killing Me kicks off a new season Wednesday, Aug. 4 at 10 p.m. on TLC and the same day on discovery+.