'My Feet Are Killing Me' Patient Has a Painful 'Pimp Walk' After Losing 200 Pounds in Exclusive Sneak Peek

After losing more than 200 lbs. in his weight loss journey, Ramon is left with a painful "pimp walk" that could cause him serious problems down the line. My Feet Are Killing Me's Dr. Ebonie Vincent fears her patient, who used to weigh over 600 lbs., is in for a lifetime of foot, knee and hip problems as he deals with massive lymphedema, or gathering of fluid, in both of his legs, exploring just how bad things have gotten in a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Monday's all-new episode of the TLC show.

"Ramon's case is one of the worst cases of lymphedema I've ever seen," Vincent admits after examining Ramon, noting just how remarkable it is that in all the swelling of his legs, his feet have been spared — at least for now. "Ramon's feet don't really have the classic lymphedema that you would normally see, but he will have foot problems because of this," she adds of a potential fracture or break caused by the added weight on the foot.

Ramon typically weighs compression garments to help him walk, and as she lifts the lymphedema, Vincent notes just how much extra weight is dangling from off of his legs. "Ramon's legs, they felt like a balloon filled with pudding. Only a harder texture of pudding," she describes to the camera later.

Ushering Ramon out into the hallway to see how his standing and walking are affected, Ramon jokes that she's asking to see his "pimp walk," as the lymphedema causes him to rock unevenly side to side as he takes a step. "That's your pimp walk?" Vincent asks. "You do a little gangster lean with your walk?" Ramon responds jovially, "Hey, you know what's up," before getting down to business. Showing how abnormal his walking has become because of the fluid in his legs, Ramon explains just how painful it is with the lymphedema swinging at each step. "It really is a strain on my knee," he says, clearly pained. "It's awful. Like, it just feels so bad."


Vincent commiserates, "Imagine every step, you're just kind of lugging your legs everywhere," adding of her fears for his body moving forward, "When your gait is that abnormal, it will definitely affect your knees. But then moreover, he's gonna develop arthritis in his hips. Your hips are not designed to walk like a pendulum, like a swing." Will Vincent be able to help Ramon put a new spring in his step? My Feet Are Killing Me airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.