Morgue Worker Fired After Having Sex With Corpse of Russian ‘Big Brother’ Contestant

Police are still hunting for the person who killed a Russian reality star in 2008. New evidence led them to exhume the victim's body, which revealed a heinous crime had been committed after her death.

Police discovered that a morgue technician had sexually violated Oksana Aplekaeva after her death. He was identified through a DNA test, though police only revealed his first name and age to the public. Alexander is 37 years old, and has worked at the morgue for 12 years according to a report by DailyMail.

"I could not argue against science," Alexander said of his termination, adding "I have not been able to find a job for three months."

The morgue technician was forced to resign following the incident, but officials say there is no law on the books in Russia under which they can punish him.

Alexander told reporters that his wife left him following the revelation, and she changed her phone number so that he couldn't reach her.
So far, there's no evidence that Alexander violated any other corpses during his time at the morgue, and investigators are treating this as an isolated incident. Furthermore, while police have yet to find Aplekaeva's true killer, they are confident that Alexander had nothing to do with her 2008 murder.


Aplekaeva was one of the stars of Dom-2, Russia's biggest reality TV franchise. It's often compared to the Big Brother series in the United States. Investigators believe she was thrown from a moving car and died from the impact. They suspect that the killer then returned to the scene some time later to cover up the body.

Aplekaeva was found by a truck driver by the side of the road not long after. She was 31 years old.