Meghan McCain Storms off 'The View' Set After Heated Clash With Guest Ana Navarro: Don't Scream at Me!'

The View once again gave fans a heated Meghan McCain moment, this time when fellow Republican commentator Ana Navarro stopped by to discuss the ongoing Trump whistleblower scandal. The daughter of late senator John McCain was combative throughout the discussion but Navarro snapped at McCain while she was speaking, leading to the co-host leaving the stage.

While going back-and-forth on the topic of Wikileaks compared to the current whistleblower situation with President Trump. While both seemed on a similar page, their tempers led to the explosion on camera.

"Julian Assange released Hillary Clinton's emails, which I believe, and I think any person could believe directly impacted the outcome of that election [and] put people's lives in danger," McCain said according to The Daily Mail. "If you have a problem with this... you should have a problem with WikiLeaks as well."

"I have a problem with both, but the difference... If we don't talk about [the Trump whistleblower report], and if there is not public pressure, they would like for it to go away,' Navarro said interrupting McCain.

Some confusion that followed then led to McCain raising her voice to talk over Navarro and claim she could've lees "clumsy" in selling her point. This didn't matter only seconds later.

"Excuse me, I'm two feet away I don't need you to scream at me this way!" Navarro said about McCain's loud response.

"I don't know what you just said," McCain responded.

"I said, don't scream at me! I'm two feet away!" Navarro sharply replied as the audience gasped according to The Daily Mail. McCain was fully offended at this point, saying Navarro's comment was "so rude" and walking off on-camera as the show cut to commercial.

McCain did return after the break was complete but her history of fiery interactions and behind-the-scenes drama is nothing new. She has noted that The View feels like "going to war" when the show is in production and has flared her anger at her fellow co-hosts more than once, typically over her conservative leanings.

There was also the rumor that McCain felt like a "caged animal" on the show and was looking for an exit. This followed her explicit outburst in front of a live audience back in June.


"Meghan became unhinged! She screamed, 'This is some bulls---! What are you producers good for?'" a source told The Daily Mail at the time. "As usual, a bunch of producers ran to calm her, but before they could she turned to the show's executive producer Brian Teta and said, "You motherf---er, how could you let t his happen to me?'"