Matt Roloff Reveals New 'Little People, Big World' Annual Family Photo, but Some Members Are Missing

It's almost Halloween, which means it's time for the annual Little People, Big World family photo. [...]

It's almost Halloween, which means it's time for the annual Little People, Big World family photo. Fans of the TLC family were thrilled to see the Roloff family all get together for the fall tradition on Roloff Farms, but noticed immediately that Molly Roloff and her husband Joel were missing from the portrait — something dad Matt Roloff hilariously explained away with the chaos of getting everyone together in his relatable caption.

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"Leave it to [daughter-in-law Isabel Rock] to remind me that today was the best time to get the annual Roloff family photo of the year," he wrote alongside the sweet family photo. "Izzy said. ...Matt. We have to do it today at 4pm! [Jacob Roloff] and I are leaving on an extended road trip later today. [Zach and Tori Roloff] will be at the farm right after Jackson's nap at 3:45 pm. [Jeremy and Aubrey Roloff] will bring Ember at 4:15 sharp. [Amy Roloff] and [Chris Marek] here by 4 pm. Matt and [Caryn Chandler] ready any time .. it's a deal... we will all be in front of the 2019 sign by 4:30 pm."

Despite everyone's wild schedules, all made more complicated and cute due to the youngest Roloff family members, the crew was mostly all able to make it, that is save for Molly and Joel.

"We made it.. We got there.. we sat... we gathered..we smiled.. we were a family. All at once! It was a special moment on a big day for Roloff farm 2019, we Beat all the past attendance numbers," Matt added, "However we totally Missed molly and Joel but that will teach them. Be here or be square... next year. Lol."

Thanking everyone for kicking off pumpkin season and getting to the farm to "cheer on the family legacy," Matt thanked his new daughter-in-law again for reminding everyone to take time to grab the photo, gushing, "she knows how to pull an extended family together."

"Happy pumpkin season [Roloff Farms]," he concluded. "Now. Let go have fun the month of October 2019?"

Little People, Big World fans were thrilled to see everyone included in the picture, even Matt and Amy's significant others.

"I just [love] how beautiful the family is and great to see Chris and [Caryn] in the picture," one fan wrote. "Cheers to a blended family and making it work for the children and grandchildren."

"Soooo Love that the family pictures include Everyone!!" another commented.

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