Matt Roloff Addresses Concerns Among Fans Over Grandson Jackson's Bruise

Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff is telling fans not to worry about about his grandson, Jackson, after the toddler appeared sporting a big bruise in one of his Instagram photos.

Roloff is one of the internet's happiest grandfathers, posting loving photos of Jackson and his other offspring regularly and calling them the "sweet simple rewards of life."

In a recent post however, many fans were worried about a prominent bruise on Jackson's forehead. Upon further inspection, the black and blue mark had been there for several days, judging by some of Tori Roloff's own pictures. Fans asked Roloff about the bruise, wondering what had happened to their favorite reality TV tyke.

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Got to hang out (babysit) my best buddy this evening while Zach and Tori did some filming duties.. #blessedgrandpa

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"Poor sweetie has a bruise on his head," wrote one fan.

"He has a bruise on his forehead, hopefully not on your watch G," noted another. Finally, Roloff responded in a comment on of his own.

"No not the bruise. But he did get stung by a bee on my watch while we were out tonight," the 56-year-old wrote. "Amazingly he barely cried... a quick yelp... 15 sec of cry. Then he moved on. Of course I'm all icing his poor little hand and worried sick. He went straight back to playing 3 min later. Tough little farmer."

As many experienced parents pointed out in the comments, a forehead bruise is par for the course as toddlers begin to walk. If anything, a few bumps and bruises show that Jackson is growing up fast, and could soon be dominating the screen time on his family's beloved reality series. Still, the natural instinct is sympathy and concern when someone as young as Jackson sports a bruise in such a prominent spot.

"Got to hang out (babysit) my best buddy this evening while Zach and Tori did some filming duties," Roloff wrote in one of his proud grandfather posts. In another, he revealed an adorable new nickname for the toddler.

"You know what I love most about getting back home... no, not the mowing the grass.. no, not the cleaning the shop... no, not the plowing the field or picking pumpkins... you guessed it! Feeding the apple Sauce monster!" he wrote beneath another video.

Roloff and the rest of his growing family are currently between seasons of Little People, Big World. They are expected to return to reality TV sometime in 2019, though they will be without Jeremy and Audrey this time around.


The youngest sibling in the family revealed that he and his wife would be stepping away from the show earlier this summer, having apparently had enough of the limelight for now.

Photo credit: Instagram / @mattroloff