'Married at First Sight': Sam Role Gets Message From Ex-Husband Neil Bowlus in 'Where Are They Now' Exclusive Clip

Married at First Sight is bringing back some of its most dramatic couples from over the years to check in on how the marriage experiment has affected their lives in Wednesday's Where Are They Now special. In a PopCulture exclusive preview of the much-anticipated reunion, Season 3 star Sam Role receives a message from ex-husband Neil Bowlus years after their marriage ended in tears on Decision Day.

Sam initially struggled with her attraction to Neil after their unconventional marriage, but it was Neil who ended up asking his wife for a divorce at the end of the experiment, sending her out of the room crying during the tense finale. Reflecting back on their relationship, Sam still gets emotional in PopCulture's exclusive preview.

"Watching some of the things that I did and some of the things that I said, I was just disgusted with what I saw because I'm not that person anymore," she tells reunion host Kevin Frazier, who responds, "It really is something that is hurting your heart, because you are here all these years later."

Sam credits her time with Neil as preparing her for her marriage, admitting, "If it wasn't for this experience and being married to such a great man like Neil, I never would have been able to become the person that I am today." Neil clearly doesn't harbor any ill will years later either, sending Sam a supportive video message that leaves her in tears as she says how "grateful" she is to have Neil in her life.

"Hey Sam, it's Neil. You may remember me from marriage," he jokes. "Just wanted to say that I am one of your biggest supporters, always have been. I'm thankful that we had that experience together, and I could not be happier for you where you currently are, with a family and as happy as ever. You know I'll always be here for you if you ever need anything. So thank you."


After their ill-fated marriage, Sam married husband Chris Wise in April 2018, welcoming daughter Isabella Myra Wise together in September 2018. "Chris and I are soooo happy to finally be able to share our wedded bliss with the world," Sam told E! News at the time. "Chris found me at a time when I was looking at alternative routes to start a family and he still chose to stay by my side through it all. Picking my husband, with the support of my ex-husband and my MAFS family, has been surreal but so fulfilling."

For more from Sam and Neil, as well as plenty of other fan favorite couples from over the years, Married at First Sight's Where Are They Now special (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime. For more on Married at First Sight from PopCulture, click here.