'Married at First Sight' Couple Files for Divorce

Another couple from Married at First Sight has decided to go their separate ways. Just a few weeks ago, Jose San Miguel Jr. and Rachel Gordillo revealed during the Season 13 reunion special that they'd split after filming but were giving things another shot. However, they have now released a statement to PEOPLE announcing their divorce. For many fans, the writings were on the wall as they struggled to get back on track during taping following a major argument.

"After much thought, we have decided that we are better off going our separate ways," they said in a joint statement. "It's a decision we do not make lightly, but after some back and forth and trying to make this marriage work we know this decision best serves our future. The MAFS journey taught us a lot about ourselves and what we both need in a partner. We are grateful to all those who stood by us throughout the last 8 plus months."

Things were clearly up in the air, even as they discussed working on their relationship during the reunion. At the time, they were not living together but had plans of making the next step to do so as things continued to progress in a positive direction. Gordillo said that she felt more confident in their relationship to trust her husband to move back in with him. She said she felt he did not make his home comfortable for her, causing her to move back in with her family.

The couple appeared to be one who would stand the test of time after Decision Day. But it all changed after San Miguel became upset at Gordillo for accidentally calling him the wrong name. He locked her out of their apartment, causing a domino effect of arguments and passive-aggressive behavior from San Miguel. He eventually apologized, but things were never quite the same. Gordillo later revealed that she spent hours wandering outside of their apartment and complex due to being locked out.


But after moving forward from that and communicating in therapy, things seemed on the up. In one September post, San Miguel shared a picture of him and Gordillo sitting down with Pastor Cal, one of the show's experts. "As last week came to a close, Pastor Cal had some sound advice for two strangers just trying to make a marriage work," he wrote in the caption. "It's not easy, requires compromise and hard work. Consistent communication and the ability to be flexible. Science & Art."