Why 'Married at First Sight's Michaela Was Labeled as 'Hurricane K'

Hurricane K is here and she's not landing in the state of Floria. According to Married at First Sight viewers, she landed on her husband. That's right, per social media accounts, the initial fan-favorite couple Zach and Michaela have some hiccups in their forecast. Following Michaela's outburst last episode, many are wondering how much worse it can get. The 30-year-old realtor has earned the moniker of "Hurricane K" as a result. 

The two have been having some issues for some time now within the eight-week experiment. Things seemed to really look unfortunate after Michaela, the self-proclaimed spoiled princess,  told Zach that there was "no need" for them to share a bed because they both agreed that they'd choose divorce on "Decision Day" based on their current affinity, or lack thereof, for one another. Zack disagreed and left their shared home and retreated to his personal apartment to get some "comfort." Michaela moved out of the apartment after. They reconciled, but things have been murky ever since. 

While on a couple's trip, despite things getting off to a good start between the two, things went left. They agreed to sleep in the same bed, but began disagreeing over how they viewed marriage. Michaela shared that "marriage is a lot more work than expected." Zach added what is perceived as a dagger, adding that "marriage to Michaela" is what's actually difficult.

In a confessional, Zack revealed that he and Michala agreed to "divorce but still date" post "Decision Day." Michaela then had an emotional outburst, which viewers coined as a Category 1 Hurricane. 

Michaela was seen storming through the home, screaming and cursing, and knocking things down in her path. Her co-stars tried calming her down to little avail. She insisted that cameramen get out of her face. Zach ultimately felt it was best for him to leave as Michaela's anger festered, leaving her more upset.  

Despite such, viewer reactions were mixed. Some felt bad for Michaela, accusing her new husband of gaslighting. Others say Michaela is hard to read and pushes Zach away. Only time will tell whether they make it beyond "Decision Day."