'Married at First Sight' Couple Greg and Deonna Admit They Want a Baby 'Soon' in 'Couples' Cam' Exclusive Clip

Married at First Sight's Greg Okotie and Deonna McNeill have baby fever! The couple, who just [...]

Married at First Sight's Greg Okotie and Deonna McNeill have baby fever! The couple, who just celebrated their first year of marriage in March, is considering adding another member to their family "soon," they reveal in a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of the Lifetime show's self-shot Couples' Cam spinoff.

After a day spent babysitting Greg's nephew Titan, Deonna notes how "cute" he looked hanging out with a baby. Greg admits he has a different perspective on parenthood after time with the little one. "Made me a little bit comfortable with, the fact of having a baby," he tells a shocked Deonna. "I know it was weird, it's super weird! I think babysitting Titan ... it was pretty easy."

"Babies are like calm around me," he continues to the camera. "I don't know, Deonna called me baby whisperer, so that might be it, right? Makes me really think about like, having one of my own, and I think I'll be a great father. I think fatherhood would be pretty nice."

While Deonna points out her hubby may have a "little soft spot" for babies now, she confesses she also thought about him as a father during their time babysitting. "Titan seemed to be very very calm with you," she says. "I was just like 'Oh my God, he's gonna be great as a dad.'" Greg replies, "I mean made me realize that, yeah, I wanna have my own soon. ... I'm on board." Deonna adds she is "proud" of her husband for "stepping up to the plate" and showing her just how good he can be with kids, joking with him, "Lemme feel your head! You got the baby fever and I jumped on you."

While Deonna and Greg may have only met for the first time at the wedding altar, the two have built a loving marriage since then, with Deonna writing on Instagram in July, "From the moment we met you made me smile & laugh. Over a year later, I haven't stopped doing either."

Other couples on Couples' Cam include Season 1's Doug and Jamie, Season 5's Ashley and Anthony, Season 6's Shawniece and Jephte, Season 8's Steph and AJ, Danielle and Bobby, Keith and Kristine, and Season 9's Jamie and Beth. To follow Greg and Deonna's journey on Married at First Sight: Couples' Cam (produced by Kinetic Content), tune in Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime. For more on your favorite Married at First Sight couples' news from PopCulture, click here.