'Married at First Sight': Cameron Holds Out Hope for Marriage to Clare in Exclusive Sneak Peek

Can Cameron and Clare save their marriage after choosing to divorce 31 days into their marriage?

Married at First Sight star Cameron still has hope for his marriage to Clare. Despite deciding to call off their marriage after just 31 days, Cameron sits down with co-star Brennan in an exclusive PopCulture.com sneak peek of Wednesday's all-new episode of the Lifetime show, opening up about how he feels about Clare heading toward Decision Day. 

"From my perspective, I couldn't make it work, and I was feeling quite a lot of emotional stress," Cameron explains of the split between him and Clare. "Maybe it's the reason I'm struggling to breathe right now. I kind of had just this like crumbling sandcastle that I couldn't put back together, and trying to put it back together was just causing me more pain."

He continues that from his perspective, the "hard thing" in his relationship with Clare is the confusion he feels about her emotions. "I've said this to her, I'm like, 'You know, you keep saying how sad you are and how emotional this whole thing makes you, and that confuses me,'" he explains. "Like I'll say, 'Hey, like, I'm moving out,' you know, something that we've talked about. And then she'll get emotional. ... I'll get confused if she's emotional 'cause she doesn't want me to leave or if she's just being emotional because it's a big moment." Cameron is worried that Decision Day is going to be another "emotional moment" for Clare, admitting, "I don't know how that whole thing's gonna go down."

Clare and Cameron struggled to find the spark in their marriage from the start, despite seeming like a good match on paper to the experts. Then after realizing they had differing opinions on huge issues like kids and religion, the two decided to end their marriage just 31 days after saying, 'I do.' 

The two made their divorce announcement dramatically at the one-month anniversary dinner with the other two remaining couples. "On the count of three, say if you want a divorce or you want to keep trying," Cameron said to Clare, despite the pleas of their fellow MAFS stars for them to not do that. "Divorce," they both said as the countdown came to an end. Despite it all, there were no hard feelings, as Clare called Cameron her best friend and Cameron agreed that Clare made him a better person. Will the two be able to find one another romantically again?

Married At First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.