'Married at First Sight' Star Reveals Breakup

Another Married at First Sight star is still looking for love. Personal trailer Seb Guilhaus, who starred in the seventh season of Married at First Sight Australia, revealed earlier this month that he broke up with girlfriend Ania Kilic after one year of dating. Gilhaus married Elizabeth Sobinoff at the end of his season, but they split after 14 months together.

Back on Sept. 11, Guilhaus, 33, shared a since-expired Instagram Story message confirming the split and apologizing for ignoring messages from people who were checking in on him. "In all honesty, I haven't been well," Guilhaus wrote, reports The Daily Mail Australia. "My mental health has rapidly declined over the last year."

"Ania and I are taking a break," Guilhaus continued. "I won't go into too much detail but our happiness has been suffering for quite some time. The best parts have been great, but the toxic parts have been debilitating. I need time to gain clarity and to repair myself." Guilhaus ended his message by thanking his followers for their support.

Guilhaus has not removed posts with Kilic on Instagram. She last appeared on his page on Sept. 3, when the two marked their one-year anniversary. "Happy one-year anniversary with honey bake," he wrote.

Guilhaus appeared on the spring 2020 season of Married at First Sight Australia. He ended the season marrying Sobinoff, but their relationship ended in January 2021. In late August 2021, Guilhaus went public with his relationship with Kilic. He was in love with Kilic long before he ever met Sobinoff, but he was afraid to act on his feelings in his early 20s, Guilhaus revealed on Instagram, reports The Daily Mail Australia. They reconnected in early 2021.

"We both have massive trust issues but we make each other feel safe," Guilhaus wrote. "We both communicate in a strange slightly twisted way but understand each other perfectly... I really like you beautiful girl." Guilhaus included a photo taken when they first met 10 years ago, next to one from 2021.

In April, Guilhaus and Kilic shocked his followers by announcing they were launching an OnlyFans subscription page. "Hahaha, I thought this might be a little conscientious. Sorry to shock everyone," Guilhaus wrote when he announced the new business venture. "I don't see anything wrong with being empowered sexually with someone I'm close to, and hopefully empowering others to embrace a very important part of life." He also said it was upsetting that people would be "quick to judge" their decision. "In this case, no one is being hurt and no is being forced to explore this," he wrote.


As for Sobinoff, Season 7 was her second time on Married at First Sight. She became a fan favorite after appearing in the 2019 season, but that ended with Sam Ball breaking up with Sobinoff before they made their final decision. She decided against starring in another season, which turned out to be for the best. She found love with Alexander Vega, and they announced their engagement in August.