'Married at First Sight': AJ Proposes to Stephanie in Romantic 'Couples Cam' Exclusive Preview

It's been three years since AJ Vollmoeller and Stephanie Sersen tied the knot the first time they ever met, and the Married at First Sight couple is celebrating their love with a more traditional aspect of the courting process they missed the first time around. In PopCulture.com's exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday's all-new Married at First Sight: Couples Cam, AJ pops the question to Stephanie while celebrating their major milestone with a romantic beachside dinner to her complete surprise.

After Stephanie gives AJ a heartfelt photo album from their years together, it's AJ's time to give his unconventional anniversary gift. "So we've been together for three years, and if we had started dating this is about that point in time where I would ask you to marry me," AJ tells his bride. "And I realize I want to be with you forever, and there's one thing I never got to do."

Getting down on one knee, AJ asks, "I know we're already married, but will you stay married to me?" totally shocking an overwhelmed Stephanie. "Are you serious?" she asks excitedly. "Oh my god, this isn't real. What?!" Looking back on the romantic moment later, Stephanie admits she's "in shock" at her proposal.

"I'm in shock - I can't believe that AJ just proposed to me!" she says, beaming. "It's something that every girl dreams of [but] I've never had it myself." While Stephanie has "always" been looking forward to the moment she was proposed to, she reveals it was probably a good thing the whole moment was caught on tape. "Oddly enough, I think I blacked out because I was so excited," she jokes. 

She certainly didn't react exactly how AJ expected, he reveals later. "It went better than I ever could have dreamed, except for just one little thing," he notes, as the camera pans back to Stephanie's stunned silence at AJ's big question. "She never actually said yes!" AJ tells the camera, "but I think she meant it." Married at First Sight: Couples Cam (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.