'Marriage Boot Camp' Host Faces Concerning Allegations in New Lawsuit

A therapist known for her counseling on the WeTV reality series Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars is the subject of a shocking lawsuit. Dr. Venus Nicolino aka Dr. V, and her husband, Matthew Johnson, are being sued by a former employee for emotional distress. In court documents obtained by The Ashley Roundup, Cameron Stewart, who says he worked for the couple as their estate manager and executive assistant, is accusing the couple of wrongful termination, disability discrimination, failure to provide minimum wages and a lot more. Stewart says he began working for the couple in May 2021 and was responsible for overseeing the couple's nannies, housekeepers and chefs, handling paperwork, scheduling appointments and contacting vendors for both the couple and their children. 

He alleges that despite being "one of the most-competent and hardworking employees," he was severely overworked and subjected to unprofessional circumstances. Stewart claims was made to work overtime without proper meal and rest breaks and that he was paid inadequately as an independent contractor as opposed to the full-time domestic worker that he was. As a result, he was not given insurance, benefits, and more. 

Additionally, he says he was the subject of abuse and retaliation. He accuses Dr. V of harassing him for taking medication for his condition and that she used his condition against him. He also says he was forced to listen to Dr. V talk about her extramarital affairs and sex life.


As far as work, he says Dr. V's entire staff were forced to eat their meals while working and did not get proper breaks. Speaking of not having breaks, he says he did not get weekend days off and instead had to escort Dr. V's son to hockey tournaments. In a shocking claim, he alleges Dr. V instructed him to be on carpool duty after she fired her alleged lover/errand boy who used to do the task. Stewart also alleges that Dr. V and her husband tried to pressure him to sign a severance agreement with a gift basket.