Mark Ballas Speaks out About Lindsey Stirling's Injury

After Lindsey Stirling injured her rib during a rehearsal for Dancing With the Stars, it was unclear whether the musician would recover in time to perform during Monday's show.

Despite her pain, Stirling was able to compete, performing a Day of the Dead-inspired paso doblé with partner Mark Ballas that earned the pair a 27/30 from the judges despite the fact that she had been unable to fully rehearse the dance.

After the show, Ballas talked to reporters about his partner's injury, sharing that the violinist is on the mend.

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"She's doing better," Ballas said, according to People. "She wanted to be here tonight [to talk to press], but I told her she needed to go rest and put ice on her ribs. I was with her yesterday when it happened. We took the X-ray — I was really nervous at that point because if there had been a break or a fracture, that would have been a huge problem. There's no break or fracture. They call it a floating rib."

"I know that the muscles between the ribs are really painful — it's the worst," he continued. "It's going to take a minute. We're going to ice it, but luckily she's in a state where she can continue [in the competition]."

Stirling is one of the frontrunners this season, which just completed its seventh week. Ballas said that despite the competition, he's just focused on his partner's health.


"It is what it is, and her health comes first," he said. "I'm nervous — not just about this, but more importantly about her being okay. Thank god we're in a position where it looks like she can continue."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @lindseystirling