Is Audrey Roloff Trying to Make Nice With Brother-In-Law Jacob?

Is Audrey Roloff trying to extend an olive branch to her brother-in-law Jacob Roloff?

The Little People, Big World family members reportedly aren't on the best of terms due to Audrey's conservative views on life clashing with Jacob's admittedly agnostic, more liberal view of the world.

Audrey was even being accused of attempting to "sabotage" Jacob's engagement announcement to longtime girlfriend Isabel Rock earlier this year by immediately sharing the "DON'TS" of a relationship on social media, seemingly criticizing Jacob for his views on sex and relationships.

Jacob, meanwhile, wouldn't have seen the post. He unfollowed her on Instagram in December, reports Radar, despite following everyone else in his family, including sister-in-law Tori Roloff, who married his brother Zach Roloff in 2015.

So when Audrey went on a "liking" spree on her brother-in-law's Instagram profile last week, some saw this as the 26-year-old reaching out subtly to Jacob. But the social media gesture appears not to have worked, as Jacob still does not follow Audrey back on the social platform, reports Radar.

Jacob left the show in 2014 after admitting to feeling "isolated" and "angry" for being forced to appear on the show at a young age. He later reconciled with his parents and siblings.

And while Jacob and Audrey might not be on the best of terms, the former reality TV personality took to Instagram last month to quash rumors of any feuding in his immediate family.

"You know that feeling of dread when someone is scrutinizing you and you think, 'Hey, this might be true about me,' until they slip up and say something totally bonkers and wrong, and you sigh with relief because they are so off base?" the 21-year-old wrote alongside an old photo of his younger self with his parents. "I feel this every. Single. Time. I see a headline regarding 'rifts' in my family. It is just so simply and surely untrue! This is a good picture of a pure, early, easy, fun time in my life."

He then included a quote from his upcoming memoir, Out to See, in which he praise his parents.

"My parents have always been pretty amazing," Jacob wrote. "They both succeeded in life, had a family and provided for and gave their kids all that they wanted, within disciplined reason."

He said his father, Matt taught him to be "practical, mindful things like chess, how to build a fire, and other sorts of exercises in basic critical thinking to a degree that I still carry the lessons with me today. He was also a great storyteller, sitting all of us kids by the fire and telling stories of 'dark, windy nights.'"


As for his mother, Amy, she was "always making sure we knew we were loved, supported all our efforts and hobbies as often as she knew about them, even coaching all of us kids in soccer in our early years. She also instilled in us a very good sense of manners and respect that I find myself appreciating more and more everyday," Jacob wrote.

Photo credit: Instagram / @audreyroloff