'Love Without Borders': Brian's Romantic Gesture for Danna Doesn't Go as Planned in Exclusive Sneak Peek

There's a small hiccup in Love Without Borders star Brian's plan to make a romantic first impression on Danna. After Danna traveled all the way from Montana to Galway, Ireland to meet her potential soulmate in Bravo's new international dating show, Brian is convinced to make her feel at home in a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday's episode.

Just two days into her trip and with 88 days left on her visa, Danna is clearly still feeling the jetlag as she continues to sleep in while Brian prepares her a romantic breakfast in bed. At 10:15 a.m., Brian appears upstairs to try and rouse Danna with the smells of breakfast, but she looks a little too peaceful to disturb, so he brings the meal back downstairs to eat alone. 

"My first opportunity to make a first impression was breakfast in bed and she's fast asleep," Brian tells the cameras with a laugh. At least one person gets a delicious meal out of the effort, as the rejected chef remarks to himself, "It's very good. Hmm, wow," while chowing down. 

It was a long journey for Danna from Montana across the pond to Ireland, as the musician and songwriter left behind her life traveling across the U.S. in a retrofitted Sprinter van to find love wherever it may take her. "The last time I left the U.S. was over 20 years ago," she told the camera during last week's premiere. "But I always thought I would be married with babies at like 22 and I haven't found that yet, so I'll do anything and I'll go anywhere to find the love of my life."

After meeting one another for the very first time, Danna told Brian she was "very happy" as they cuddled into bed together for their first night as a couple. While she admitted that she was "very scared coming into this" and leaving her family in the U.S. behind to fly to Ireland, Danna felt optimistic about their time together. "I was freaking out a little bit," she added, "but it's so worth it."

As the two cuddled together and traded kisses, Danna confessed to the camera, "I could get used to this," before Brian wished her "sweet dreams" and they officially went to bed for the first time together. Will the warm feelings continue when Danna finally wakes up? Love Without Borders (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET. New episodes air on Bravo and are available to stream the next day on Peacock.