'Love Island USA': Florita Shares Who She Wants to Pursue Amid Jeremy and Korey Love Triangle (Exclusive)

Florita Diaz's Love Island journey was, unfortunately, short-lived. But, she certainly made the most of her time in the Villa while she was there, forming connections with both Jeremy Hershberg and Korey Gandy. Before she was dumped from Love Island, Florita shared a passionate embrace with Jeremy. However, during an exclusive chat with PopCulture.com, Florita revealed that she actually still has feelings for another Islander.

Florita explained that her exit from the Villa came at an inopportune time, as she was ready to open up that door with Korey once again. However, she wasn't able to tell him such before she left. "So, everything's just great the way things were happening," Florita told PopCulture.com. "I was actually starting to feel for Korey before I knew about the voting off, and I actually was going to tell Jeremy that I do want to open that door back up for Korey, and I wanted Korey to know as well. But, I never actually ended up getting that opportunity to do so because Arielle [Vandenberg] walked in."

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Even though she was planning on pursuing things with Korey again, that didn't mean that her feelings for Jeremy just disappeared. She continued, "But obviously, I still had my feelings for Jeremy as well, so when I did get dumped from the villa, I obviously still felt sad that I wasn't going to have Jeremy next to me, because it was just so many mixed emotions going on already." Once Florita did leave Love Island, she was able to watch a few episodes of the show. She was then able to see a different side of Jeremy that she wasn't aware of before. Fans will recall that Jeremy had his fair share of drama with two of his former connections, Trina Njoroge and Aimee Flores. According to Florita, she wished that someone in the Villa would have given her the heads up about Jeremy's behavior.

"The way he approached things, and the way he ended things with Trina or Aimee, I didn't even see any of that," she said. "I came into the villa, and all the girls were like, "He's amazing, he's great, he's a sweetheart, and we haven't seen him open up like this to another girl before." And so I'm thinking, oh my gosh, Jeremy is an amazing person. Which, he is. Because, to me, he showed me nothing but love." Florita continued, "I was just kind of shocked that Trina or Aimee didn't even try to warn me, like 'Hey, he actually ended things really badly with us. This, this, and that.' Nothing, none of that. And so I was kind of blindsided. So, if I kind of knew how he took things like that into just the way he didn't work them out correctly, I feel like I definitely would've maybe seen that's a red flag."


Florita did stress that she has no hard feelings for Jeremy. But, when it comes to who she would like to pursue after her Love Island journey, Jeremy isn't the one who comes to mind. "And so, that's why now, coming outside of the villa, I'm 100% Korey just because I've realized that my feelings have always been stronger for Korey." Does Korey feel the same way? Since he's still in the Villa at the moment, fans will simply have to stay tuned to the two reality stars' respective journeys to see how it all plays out. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.