'Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta' Production Halted by Alleged Hit and Run Incident

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta production experienced an unexpected delay on Wednesday when a staff member was reportedly hit by a car in a parking lot.

Production sources told TMZ that Mimi Faust and company were preparing to shoot the reality show at the high-end Buckhead area shops. Before cameras started rolling, a security guard was allegedly hit by an angry mall customer's vehicle.

TMZ reports that security was saving a parking spot for the production. Witnesses say that an "angry" customer who wanted the parking spot revved the vehicle's engine and struck the security guard, injuring his left leg.

According to police, the driver went inside a nearby golf store before fleeing. Authorities spoke to staffers at the golf store to identify the driver and obtained surveillance footage of the incident from another store. No arrests have been made yet.

Earlier this fall, Hazel-E, a cast member from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, apologized for comments that outraged the LGBT community.

Hazel spoke to TMZ after she went on a homophobic rant on social media, saying that she did not mean to offend the entire LGBT community, but rather was lashing out at the particular individual.

"The post was made because one person in the [LGBT] community decided to falsify documents from Rose's social media and my social media," she said. "Basically, trying to out him being in a down low relationship. It was very frustrating because it was false. It was lies. It was not my Instagram. It was not his. And he was just like, 'To show you how not gay I am, I'm going to post a burning flag.' "

"Being that I have caused controversy, and people of the community are hurt by what I said, I feel horrible. Honestly, to them, I apologize. That was not the intent, sincerely," Hazel said.

The issue was sparked by an Instagram user who accused Hazel's boyfriend and her LHHH co-star, Rose Burgandy, of being gay.

In response, Burgandy took to Instagram to post a photo of a burning gay pride flag. Hazel then commented further on the past and social media has been lashing out at both of them for their homophobic remarks.


"I'm 25 b— you really want to know how I feel about gays so bad well here you go," Burgandy wrote. "I hope all gays die and go to hell that's where I come from."

"B— check your lies before you post I"m from piru," Burgandy continued. "B— I'm 25not 19 and it's Denzell with 2 L's B— google me."