'Long Island Medium' Theresa Caputo Reveals She's Dating Again 2 Years After Divorce

Almost two years after finalizing her divorce from her ex-husband, psychic-medium and beloved TV [...]

Almost two years after finalizing her divorce from her ex-husband, psychic-medium and beloved TV personality, Theresa Caputo is back in the dating game! The Long Island Medium: There in Spirit star revealed to PEOPLE she is officially in a relationship and her two grown kids, Victoria, 26, and Lawrence, 28, approve. While opening up about her new discovery+ series, the New York native admitted "everything's great" with her new boyfriend.

"[We're] taking it day-by-day and just enjoying and embracing life one day at a time," Theresa said. "I think this past year has shown us that we never know what life is gonna throw at us and I think I've learned so much over the past several years and, more importantly through my gift, is that we just have to embrace each moment and just be thankful."

Caputo, who shares two adult children with ex-husband Larry Caputo, shares how he is doing well amid the pandemic. "We're both on coasts that are really having a difficult time with COVID," she said, adding how he now lives in California, while she remains residing on the east coast. "[We're] just like everyone else just trying to do the best that they can and get through each day with a lot of hope and faith."

While chatting with PopCulture.com for her discovery+ spinoff of the beloved TLC series, Long Island Medium, Caputo went into depth about how she and her family are coping, admitting they're all just taking it as it comes. "[We're] always remaining hopeful and positive and allowing ourselves, if we're having a bad day, it's okay not to be okay for that moment," she told us in our series PopCulture @Home. "There's a lot of playing games, watching game shows, a lot of cooking and a lot of trying to stay out of each other's way."

Caputo has been keeping busy ever since the start of the pandemic, sharing with PopCulture how she started a podcast where she could read people from all over. The series, Hey Spirit! With Theresa Caputo, now available on Apple Podcasts finds the New York native sharing her spiritual wisdom and intuitive gifts with fans around the world. The mother of two adds in addition to the podcast, she will be headlining live shows across the U.S. later this winter and spring called, Theresa Caputo: The Platinum Experience — something she looks forward to most humbly.

"We have this other huge, big sign of hope," she said. "I haven't done live shows in a year and now I have an opportunity in a very safe space following all COVID protocols and even going above and beyond those protocols of outdoors, limited seating. Everyone purchases their own pod, wearing a face covering and being more than six feet apart, so this is a huge message to people that we are going to get back to a new normal. It might still seem a little weird in the beginning, but it's a great sign of hope."

New episodes of Long Island Medium: There in Spirit air on discovery+'s streaming service. For tickets to The Platinum Experience and hear her podcast, head to her official website for more details. Keep up with Theresa, the unexplained and lots more, only at PopCulture.com!