'Long Island Medium' Theresa Caputo Leaves Woman Stunned Over Emotional Connection to Her Father

Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo has once again left a customer satisfied. In Friday's episode of Long Island Medium: There in Spirit, Caputo connects a woman to both her late father and her late husband. Us Weekly gave fans a sneak peek, and Caputo connects a woman with two people from her past.

"No matter who we lose or how we die, we here in the physical world are left with burdens and guilt," Caputo explains. "All of these negative emotions do not give us the ability to heal, so a spirit is here to give us these positive reinforcements that it is OK to live life with happiness and joy even though they're gone." Caputo goes on to reveal that the woman's father is speaking to her, and that he's mentioning the colon cancer that ended his life. "I don't think you expected your dad to come forward," Caputo said to the woman, who agrees because her father died "a long time ago."

"He says, 'I want my daughter to know that I am not alone on the other side,'" Caputo claimed. "More importantly not alone when he died. I looked at your father and I said, 'Who is standing behind you? Who is that young male? Whose husband is that?' Your father looked at me and he had tears in his eyes."

The other man Caputo connected to is the woman's late husband, who stayed with her father as he died. "My mother and I couldn't stay in there," she explained. "My husband, he said, 'You guys go.' He knew what was gonna come. He held his hand and stayed with him until the end. He was a very, very good person. he was always there for people around him, always willing to help. My husband was a police officer and a detective. He lived for his job. His job was everything to him. He loved it. My dad really, really loved my husband."


Caputo, whose show Long Island Medium: There In Spirit is streaming on Discovery+, explained that she has dealt with her fair share of skeptics, and that her psychic readings are "all for your interpretation." "I'm the first one to say it — that what I do is absolutely crazy, there was no way someone can communicate with someone that has died," Caputo told us in our series, PopCulture @Home. "There are common things that Spirit might talk about and refer to — that's not my fault nor Spirit's fault that there are common things. So that's why I always have Spirit with every healing message that they have me deliver; they have to validate it with something completely unique to that person."